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Docker in education: From VMs to Containers.

At Docker, we love to hear your use cases of containers. It is very exciting to see how Docker can be integrated into existing systems. Or like in this case, used as a disruptive technology to achieve things that were not possible before. This week we'd like you to...

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Joining Docker as SVP of Product

Having kept tabs on Docker since its dotCloud days, I'm excited to come aboard this week. Ben and Solomon are building a great community, team, and company, and it's a privilege to join at this stage of growth. Spurred in many ways by the increasing adoption of cloud...

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Baidu using Docker for its PaaS

Today we are very glad to announce that Baidu, the leading Chinese search engine, is using Docker for Baidu App Engine (BAE), its PaaS offering. As they were looking for alternatives and improvements for their "sandbox" approach, the Baidu team met and discussed...

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