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Optimize your development workflow with secure base images sourced from vetted publishers

Worry-free base images

Using public images at random can pose security threats. Docker Trusted Open Source Content delivers dependable images via Docker Verified Publishers and Docker Official Images – the go-to solution for developers and teams seeking a secure foundation for application development.

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Trusted & secure images

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Reliable images

Docker Trusted Open Source Content provides stable, up-to-date official images, subjected to security assessments and vulnerability scans. Confidently build on these images in your development process, knowing you’re building on a secure and reliable foundation.

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Faster development

Speed up your development with our vast collection of trusted pre-built images. Focus on writing code instead of building, testing, managing, and deploying infrastructure.

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Easy management

Docker Trusted Open Source Content simplifies image management. Working alone or in a team, you can pull, run, and manage images from a central location, reducing workflow errors and making app deployment smoother.

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Verified provenance

Trusted Open Source Content adheres to industry standards, including supply chain metadata such as signed SBOMs and provenance. You can rest easy knowing your images are vetted for quality and security.

Elevate your Docker experience

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Docker Verified Publishers

Docker Verified Publishers offer reliable, high-quality images. Images in this program have a badge on Docker Hub, making it easier for developers to identify projects that Docker has verified as high-quality publishers and with content they can trust.

Docker official images

Docker Official Images

Docker Official Images are widely trusted and provide a secure base for app development. These include operating systems such as Ubuntu and Alpine, programming languages such as Python and Node, and other essential tools, including Redis and MySQL.
Docker sponsored open source

Docker-Sponsored Open Source

Docker-Sponsored Open Source (DSOS) provides benefits to open source projects that contribute to our growing library of base images. DSOS supports non-commercial projects, offering increased visibility, productivity, and resources.

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