Docker and JFrog

Docker and JFrog

Your application development has become even simpler with Docker and JFrog. Instead of struggling with where to store and access all of your software packages and tools, you can now combine Docker and the JFrog Artifactory enabling you to access all your application development components in one place.

With Docker and JFrog you have:

  • Confidence with secure, central access from the JFrog platform for uninterrupted access to public and private container images from Docker Hub
    access to public and private container images from Docker Hub.
  • Streamlined development processes which lead to faster application development.
  • A scalable platform for your very large workloads both in the cloud and on premises.
  • More time to focus on building great applications.

Additional Resources

To learn more about how Docker and JFrog are partnering, the following resources are available for you to review.

Open Standards

Learn more about the Compose Specification:

Resources from JFrog

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding and Building Docker Images

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