Docker Extensions

Boost Docker Desktop capabilities by directly integrating an array of developer tools

Power up Docker Desktop with Docker Extensions

Seamlessly connect your favorite development tools to your application development and deployment workflows. Augment Docker Desktop with debugging, testing, security, and networking functionalities, and build custom add-ons using the Extensions SDK.

Explore the possibilities

Docker Extensions open a realm of possibilities by adding a variety of tools to your development workflows. Leverage your favorite tools directly from within Docker Desktop with one-click installation of extensions. Discover new ways to implement and optimize workflows in the Marketplace with extensions from both official Extension partners and community members.

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Build custom capabilities

The Extensions SDK makes it easy for you to create your own custom Docker Desktop functionalities. Create and install an extension in minutes with the Extensions CLI, and use predefined commands to build your extension for multiple architectures, share it with your team, and publish it on Docker Hub.

Connect and share with millions of developers

Inspire and get inspired by the countless ways to expand the Docker development experience. Created Extensions can be shared to Docker’s entire community on the Marketplace, making it easy for any contributor, group, or organization to benefit from a vast collection of development and deployment solutions.


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