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10 May

DockerCon 2022

DockerCon is a free, immersive online experience complete with product demos, breakout learning tracks, panel discussions, hacks & tips, deep dive technical sessions from Docker experts, the developer community and ecosystem, and industry luminaries.

9 May

Getting Started with Docker Workshop

Start the DockerCon party a day early with the hands-on workshop designed to help you get started with Docker. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to provide your applications and services with containers by working in standardized, highly portable environments using Docker.

On-Demand Events


Managing and Securing Your Docker Workflows

Find out how to onboard and manage your users without limiting dev productivity or security with Docker Hub and Docker Business.


Community All Hands

Join us in celebrating Docker’s 9th birthday at our next Community All Hands! This virtual event is a unique opportunity for the Docker community to come together with Docker staff to learn, share and collaborate about all things Docker.


Automating Security Controls Across Container Workloads

Join Docker, Snyk, and AWS on March 1 @ 9am ET as we demonstrate a workflow for securing your AWS workloads using Snyk's native integrations into Docker Desktop and Docker Hub. Learn how to configure your Docker account to trigger scans automatically when an image is pushed and leverage scan results in both Docker Desktop and Docker Hub.


But it worked on my machine! Testing your code locally like it runs in production using Docker Desktop

Join us on February 25 for this 24-hour livestream. Docker's Head of DevRel, Peter McKee, will co-present alongside Snyk's Eric Smalling on how to test your code locally using Docker Desktop.

AppDev Challenges and Trends to Watch in 2022

Docker Captain Brandon Mitchell discusses the top trends organizations should watch out for when it comes to building modern, secure, and reliable applications at scale.


Securing the Software Supply Chain with Docker Business

Designed with developers in mind. Secure by default. Docker Business brings together Docker’s full suite of application development tools and services developers know and love, with enterprise-grade management and security controls.


Management & Security at Scale with Docker Business

See how Docker Business enables organization-wide management and security for businesses that use Docker for software development at scale.


Code to Cloud: Securing Software Supply Chain

The rise of software supply chain attacks targeting US companies has shed light on the fact that security can no longer be looked at as an afterthought. We need to think about the whole software supply chain and how best to secure it.


DockerCon LIVE 2021

Join us for a free, online experience full of demos of products and innovation from Docker and our partners, deep technical sessions from Docker experts, Docker Captains and luminaries from across the industry, along with a chance for the community to gather and connect.


Breaking Containers to Improve Security

You’ve likely seen a vulnerability report from a container image, or at least read about the potential issues that can occur in containers – but have you wondered what a bad actor can do in your Kubernetes clusters if they find these vulnerabilities before you fix them?


Getting Started with Docker

Do you have questions about getting started with Docker? We’re here to help! This workshop is for people who are new to Docker and are keen to learn how to containerize their application and push images to Docker Hub.


Docker Community All-Hands

Join us for our first ever Docker Community All-Hands. This one-hour virtual event will bring together Docker staff, contributors and users to share business and product updates, to recognize outstanding community contributions, and to give everyone a chance to ask questions to Docker’s leadership team.


I Didn’t Know I Could Do That with Docker – Python

Are you a Python developer and new to using Docker? During this workshop, we’ll provide a hands-on walkthrough of setting up your local python development environment. Join Peter McKee of Docker and Matt Rasband as they share a few neat tips and tricks along the way.

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