Telepresence for Docker

Simplified local Kubernetes development

Kubernetes simplified

Telepresence for Docker simplifies how teams develop and test on Kubernetes. This Kubernetes development tool seamlessly creates a remote-to-local dev environment, so your teams can enjoy the ease and flexibility of local development with the collaboration and integration of a cloud development cluster.

You don’t need to be a Kubernetes expert, deal with K8s configuration or maintenance, or turn to expensive cloud virtual machines for your developers to quickly and efficiently develop on K8s. Telepresence for Docker is Kubernetes development simplified.

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Unlock a new developer experience

Telepresence users

Easier developer collaboration

Spin up shared developer environments to easily share development and staging clusters. Teams can preview work in progress, even if it’s on a developer’s local machine.

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Accelerate app delivery

Increase developer velocity while keeping your existing workflows and tools, and streamline development and stakeholder review cycles.

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Faster feedback loops

Get immediate feedback on code changes without deploying first. Catch bugs before code is sent to production.

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Reduced cloud costs

Consolidate multiple virtual machines or personal development clusters to decrease cloud overhead. Cloud development costs can escalate quickly, and our remote-to-local approach significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

Telepresence for Docker features


Remote-to-local environment integration

Connect your local environment to your remote K8s clusters so you can route traffic from remote clusters to local dev machines as well as securely access cluster services as if they were running locally on your computer.


Collaborative development environment

Generate and share a secured preview URL to bring all of your Kubernetes development and testing into a shared space for easier debugging, faster feedback on code changes, and collaboration with other stakeholders.


Centralized team management

Let internal Kubernetes experts define, maintain, and manage group configurations so team onboarding and resource sharing can be easily scaled.

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Frequently asked questions

How is this different from the free extension?

Telepresence for Docker reduces costs by allowing for collaboration among colleagues / developers via a shared cluster, something that is not accessible via the free extension.

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Is this secure?

Yes! Telepresence establishes a secured TCP connection from a developer’s local machine to a remote cluster using kubectl port-forward. Using this mechanism ensures that any cluster-level role-based access control (RBAC) permissions are enforced and also that the TCP connection is encrypted using TLS.

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Do I need a Docker Business account to purchase Telepresence for Docker?

No. You can purchase Telepresence for Docker with any Docker subscription level.

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