What is Media Buying?

Media Buying is the act of buying ad space to promote your products and services. The most obvious form of media buy would be having your ads appear as a banner on a websites or blog or inserted in a video. This method of digital marketing is commonly seen on YouTube and Facebook as video ads. Media buyers purchase the rights to have their video ads inserted between regular video content.

The effectiveness of an ad depends on its relevance to the audience as well as when and where the ad is shown. Media buying falls under the paid media category.

Why is Media Buying important?

Media buying is important as it allows brands the ability to deliver their ads to their target audience to strengthen brand association and to capture consumer attention precisely when it matters most. Media buying is important for increasing brand awareness and brand recall. Brand association is also an important factor in media buying. Where and when your ad appears can create a positive (or negative in some cases) association. Hence, it is extremely important to be strategic in where and when you ad appears.

What is Art & Science’ approach to Media Buying?

Our process in media buying involves a strong understanding of your audience to determine the best strategy for your budget on where to place your ads. We spend most of our efforts researching and carefully planning where your ad should be and what your ad should display to better connect with your audience. We determine where to best allocate your budget to generate the most effective results. As part of our ongoing strategy, we monitor, evaluate, assess and iterate to learn what did and did not work (which can be just as useful information as knowing what worked!). We are also experienced in leading-edge platforms such as Amazon and Stack Adapt.

We can work with you to help answer the following questions:

  • Where should my ads be on the internet?
  • Should I take a multi-channel media approach to my media strategy?
  • What is the media buying process?
  • What is the best media spend for my budget?
  • What key performance indicators (KPIs) should I be tracking?

What Media Buying services do Art & Science offer?

  • Audience Insight and Identification
  • Media Research & Strategy
  • Third Party Media Management
  • Ad Design & Creative Direction
  • Media Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting
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Interested in learning more about how Media Buying can help grow your business?