Community Leaders Program

Docker’s Community Leaders are volunteers from all over the world who are passionate about the use of modern tools to change the way people build, ship and run modern software.

These leaders help to drive the overall Docker community and ecosystem forward by actively engaging with other members of the community through virtual or in-person meetups, hackathons, conducting workshops and conferences.

They also play a key role in growing the Docker ecosystem by helping to build and nurture local communities.

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Benefits of the program

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Exclusive content

Get scoops on new products and community management resources to help your group flourish. Join our special events and get sneak peaks of DockerCon.

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Professional growth

Develop new skills and build your reputation as a key community leader. Expand your network, learn and connect with like-minded developers.

Community mentorship

Connect with fellow Community Leaders who can help you learn how to effectively build, manage and grow your community.

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Docker direct line

Influence what our next global events look like. Become a speaker, share your voice and help to shape our future while collaborating with the Docker team.


Showcase your contributions with your own profile. Be recognized as a community leader by the larger Docker community.


Events support

Get assistance with finding the perfect speaker, social media promotion, blogging opportunities and swag for your community activity.


  • Must be 18+
  • Be technical-minded and passionate about Docker
  • Be a positive force in the community. Set a good example and positively represent this group of amazing individuals
  • Organize community activities (i.e.: meetup, hackathon, fireside chat…) at least 4 times a year
  • Make yourself available to communicate with the Docker team or other Community Leaders in a timely fashion
  • Abide by the Docker Community Code of Conduct
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Bonus: sail the extra mile

  • Speak at an event
  • Write a technical blogpost. We can host it in our official blog or
  • Share your experience organizing an event or some other useful content for the rest of the Docker community
  • Contribute to a Docker Open Source Project
  • Contribute to Community Content: (handbooks, workshops, pre-made talks, videos…)
  • Participate in the Community All-Hands, DockerCon, etc.
  • Nominate a friend as a Docker Community Leader

More information

Still have questions? Reach out to our Developer Relations team or check our etiquette norms and FAQ:

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