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Google Marketing Conference 2019

May 17, 2019


May 16th marked the end of the annual Google Marketing Conference – a three day event attended by marketers and agency employees from around the world. Over the course of the conference, Google announced their newest innovations in the advertising space, and detailed the implications these technologies will have on businesses. We attended this year’s event, and returned with a list of rollouts that Art & Science is the most excited about.

Feed Based Advertisement with Discovery Ads

Firstly, Google announced the launch of Discovery Ads – engaging, search-based advertisements designed to reach consumers when they are the most open to interacting with your product. Google uses consumer intent to reach people through both the promotions and socials tab in Gmail, as well as through YouTube. Google stated that over 800 million people use Discovery every month.

Space for Interactive Creative with Gallery Ads

Google also introduced Gallery Ads, another searched based advertising format. Although the carousel format is similar to Discovery Ads, Gallery Ads are located at the top of the search page. This allows the ad to appear at the exact moment a user is searching for a product relating to a keyword. Gallery Ads include: 4-8 images, 70 characters and three test headlines.

YouTube Bumper Machine

YouTube is an extremely valuable advertising space for marketers – millions of videos are watched on YouTube everyday and along with them, millions of advertisements. According to Google the bumper advertisement, a six second clip that viewers cannot skip, leaves a larger impression when compared to a thirty second clip.  

Unfortunately, not all companies have the resources to create beautiful bumper advertisements. To help, Google has introduced the Bumper Machine. The Bumper Machine is a tool housed in Google Ads that allows companies to create three to four 6-second bumper ads from existing videos (as long as they are 90 seconds or less). As of now, no official release date was provided for Bumper Machine, although conferences attendees were told to expect it ”sometime this fall”. 

Automation in the Bidding Process

Google announced improvements to smart bidding within Google Ads through the addition of further automation. The first main improvement is seasonality adjustments, meaning if you have an event or time period where you’re expecting an increase in the conversion rate, Google Ads will optimize the bids for that period. Secondly, you can now set different conversion bids based on conversion values, allowing you to implement a strategy that better suits your business.

Custom Intent and Custom Affinity becomes Custom Audience

Google announced that custom affinity audience and custom intent audience are being merged into simply custom audience. For those who require clarification, custom intent audience allows you to group together individuals who show similar intent in purchasing the product. Custom affinity audience groups together individuals whose lifestyles and behaviour reflect each other. Soon, you will be able to target both groups using the same Google Ads feature.  

Audience Reach Expansion

If you’re familiar with Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature, this next roll out from Google will be easy to understand. Google announced the Audience Expansion Tool, which will help advertisers find new audiences for their products and services that consist of consumers with similar behaviours to your current custom audience.

Google Shopping Update

One of the biggest announcements from the Google Marketing Conference was the revamped Google Express – now called Google Shopping. Capitalizing on the new ways consumers are shopping for products online, Google Shopping allows shoppers to compare products from thousands of stores. Then, there is the option to purchase the product online, in-store or through Google. Similar to other online shopping platforms, users will have the option to filter products and read reviews. Opportunities to shop for products will be available on Google Images, Google Search and YouTube. The best part? Google promises users customer support backed by Google and a simple return process.

If you’re interested in learning more, Google has provided video recordings of the keynote presentations here.


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