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Feel Good News

April 8, 2020

While the news cycle tracks the spread of the virus, we decided to track something else: the stories of humanity, kindness, compassion and the unintended (amazing) consequences of what this situation has wrought. Feel Good News, launched this week, is a news feed that curates all the good stuff happening in the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The headlines just keep coming at us”, says Spencer Saunders, President of Art & Science. “We keep seeing the negative news every day, no matter the outlet. So a couple weeks ago, we got together and talked about what would help out right now. No one needs more agency promotion, but what we do need is just a little bit of warmth, a smile and a reminder that despite the headlines, there are people helping people out there doing some amazing things, so let’s find all those great stories and share them.”

And that’s what we did.

What started out as looking for a few stories, turned into finding many. Stories of real people doing helpful things in our community, across the country and the entire planet. They’re helping their neighbours, their building, their colleagues, their city or country, or even society at large. Making people feel better about themselves and the situation we’re all facing every day.

We’ve also added some tips and facts that people may or may not be aware of, yet help bring useful and interesting information to them as they browse through each article.

Have some of these stories been seen already? Sure. Have we seen aggregated good news sites before? Absolutely. And they’re all great. But we felt like harnessing the current good deeds happening during the pandemic of COVID-19 would be a bit more uplifting and so far, with those we’ve shared it with, they seem to agree that this is what we need right now.

“We intend to keep this page current with new stories each and every day. Our content team at A&S is having a great time learning about all the good things that are happening out there. Some stories are coming to us from various sources and some are ones we’ve searched for. But they are all joined by the great spirit of human kindness that is so uplifting to us all.” said Saunders.

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