Welcome to ‘Design Alley’

July 20, 2020

A five-part webinar series from Art & Science’s Creative Team

Design is a rewarding, yet challenging discipline. From crafting a portfolio and finding a first gig, to mastering a design presentation and managing clients, getting started in such a fast-changing industry can prove to be nerve-wracking.  

Thankfully, Toronto’s design community is a tight-knit and supportive one: there are industry events to attend and associations to join; internships to be had and mentors to be found; even seasoned pros who are happy to grab coffee with a junior looking for advice. As designers who once felt supported when coming up in the industry, we’re always keen to give back to our professional community.

But COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into the usual way of doing things. It’s not as easy to meet up for a coffee or an informational interview right now. A lot of companies have put Summer internships on hold. And many campuses are ghost towns. There are some great events available online, but they’re often geared toward people who already have a job, and a certain level of professional experience.

When we asked ourselves how we might best help the design community right now, we decided that recent graduates and junior designers were likely most in need. So we developed Design Alley, a series of FREE webinars designed to fill the gap between what they teach you in school, and what actually happens in the real world. 

Real-world advice from industry experts

Starting in July and running through November, Design Alley will come together once a month for an hour to share insights as a panel. Our team will share how we got started in the industry, and what our day-to-day looks like. We’ll share tips and advice on client management, constructing design rationale, how to make the most of working with developers and other team members, and the importance of “soft skills” in creative roles. Lasly, we’ll round out the series by looking at how to stay relevant, inspired and up-to-date in an industry that is demanding and ever-changing. 

Our team is a diverse one, both in terms of skill sets and experience. From digital strategy and user experience, to visual design and animation, we cover a lot of ground creatively—and we’re always striving to find more inspiration in the world around us to elevate our work. 

We’re eager to chat with recent grads, junior designers, freelancers and industry professionals to share our stories, knowledge and expertise. You’ll also get a chance to ask us specific questions as we wrap up each webinar with a ‘Ask us Anything’ period. 

What’s coming up for Part one? 

We’re kicking off the series on Tuesday, July 28th with ‘Starting a Career in Design: Tips for New Grads, Juniors and Freelancers’. Facilitated by our Chief Creative Officer and creative team lead Kirk Clyne, we will share our experiences on how we established our careers early on, the importance of mentorship and advice on how to network. 

Grab a ticket here and join us on July 28th at 12:30 PM EST!

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See you in the Alley!

Coauthor Kirk Clyne, Chief Creative Officer

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