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Although Skittles and Science IS listed as my current read, this space is now being shared with another book. Once in a while I am invited to read and review books for other authors, and when this occurs, there is generally a time period designated to get the material read and review submitted.

Although I'm not at liberty to disclose the title of this book as of yet, I can say the minute I'm given the all-clear, y'all are gonna read one of the BEST reviews on a historical fiction novel ever. It blew my socks off by the end of chapter one.

So stay tuned for sure!

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Skittles and Science

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First of all, if you're not connected with a free Wattpad account, what are you waiting on? Ya gotta zoom over there right now (I'll wait, so go ahead *grin*). 

Skittles and Science is so adorable! 

Come back every few days for updated commentary!

The next book on my to-read list?

The Chronicles of Moses -
The Man Who Would Be Moses


Paul Rodricks

My reading interests are mainly historical fiction:

 early American history
(including the Great Depression era)
Native American
early Egyptian, Greek & Irish historical fiction.

Other genres I find interesting are
Biblical historical fiction
such as
Bathsheba (The Wives of King David) & Michal's Window (King David's First Wife), but I also enjoy a good laugh with books that are comical
... and yes, I am partial to my #STHRN friends and their books.

(At the end of the day, I do not read anything that dabbles in
magical arts, including vampires, zombies or paranormal activities, romance or sexually explicit material.)
If your book isn't on my list of favorites yet or in my "next-to-read" box, why not send me a copy of your book so I can read & review it? If it's super amazing, it might end up on the list below ... when I have a favorite,
I talk about it.
A lot.

My Favorite Books:

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
written by Dee Brown

Child of the Morning
written by Pauline Gedge
River's End
written by Nora Roberts
written by Susan Donnell
written by Anna L.Waldo
The Jungle
written by Upton Sinclair
The Homecoming of Samuel Lake
written by Jenny Wingfield
Josephine: Red Dirt & Whiskey
written by Melinda McGuire
Flight of the Earls
written by Michael Reynolds
The Preacher's Bride
The Doctor's Lady
Unending Devotion
all written by Jody Hedlund

Finding Everett

The Bookworm

Kimberly Diehl


Reading Challenges Rock!




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