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Child of the Morning

Written by

Pauline Gedge

# of pages: 403

Date Started: Monday, January 15, 2018

(Come back every Friday afternoom for updated commentary.)

First of all, I DID announce my intent to begin the book, Sacajawea, written by the amazing Anna Lee Waldo. You weren't imagining that. However, as I stated earlier, it's a book I've read several times already and the duct-taped spine was the only thing between life and death for the poor thing. Alas, the book has finally passed on to that grand library in the sky lol. Good news ... it is available on Kindle for $8! So I still win 😊

On to the business at hand: I have chosen a re-read of an Egyptian hisfic. It's actually the hisfic which hooked me enough to write historical fiction myself, as a side note.

This book outlines the life of Hatshepsut, who was the only woman to rule Egypt as Pharoah. 

As mentioned, this is a re-read. This time, it dawned on me in chapter 1 that many words and phrases are completely unknown to me. I want to understand instead of skipping over the unknown! 

I will be reading with a pen and dictionary in hand, marking the meanings along the way. (Yes, I one of THOSE people, but it's my copy, sooo ...)

In addition to weekly Friday reviews, i plan to.also include a new word or two. Or, at least, new to me.

Friday, 1/19/18 

The next book on my to-read list?

My reading interests are mainly historical fiction:

 early American history

Native American
early Egyptian, Greek & Irish historical fiction.

Other genres I find interesting are
Biblical historical fiction
such as
Bathsheba (The Wives of King David) & Michal's Window (King David's First Wife), but I also enjoy a good laugh with books that are comical
... and yes, I am partial to my #STHRN friends and their books.

(At the end of the day, I do not read anything that dabbles in
magical arts, including vampires, zombies or paranormal activities, romance or sexually explicit material.)
If your book isn't on my list of favorites yet or in my "next-to-read" box, why not send me a copy of your book so I can read & review it? If it's super amazing, it might end up on the list below ... when I have a favorite,
I talk about it.
A lot.

A Few of My Favorite Books:

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
written by Dee Brown

Child of the Morning
written by Pauline Gedge

River's End
written by Nora Roberts

written by Susan Donnell

written by Anna L.Waldo

The Jungle
written by Upton Sinclair

The Homecoming of Samuel Lake
written by Jenny Wingfield

Josephine: Red Dirt & Whiskey
written by Melinda McGuire

Flight of the Earls
written by Michael Reynolds

The Preacher's Bride
The Doctor's Lady
Unending Devotion
all written by Jody Hedlund

Finding Everett

The Bookworm

Kimberly Diehl

Reading Challenges Rock!




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