TheOneAMPen: Author Robyn Leatherman

Please visit the Cherokee Nation’s website by clicking here.

To read the Cherokee Phoenix newspaper, please click here.

The picture below is Sequoyah, the man behind the entire written language of the Cherokee. I could spend lots of time telling you his story, but instead I’ll direct you to a website that says it all beautifully. Please take a few moments and read all about this remarkable man who brought about one of the single most important and life-changing events to the Cherokee people and the Cherokee Nation as a whole.

Above: The original hand-written syllabary system created by Sequoyah.

To the right: The modern-day syllabary chart we use today.




This sign is hanging on the wall of my home office.

Hesdi yisquadedodihesdi degowelisgvi.



It means:

Don’t be bothering me while I’m writing.



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