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Summer Rain: Getsikahvda Anitsalagi

(The Removal of the People)

This historical fiction takes a journey back to the early 1800s and into the lives of the Cherokee People, who live with the knowledge that at any time the white man's government could step in and force them to abandon the only homes and lands they have ever known - despite the many peace treaties that the white man's government had verbally spoken of, promised, and even signed with the Cherokee Nation.

The Cherokee live in an exciting period of their history in the early 1800’s as they learn the newly designed and written language of Tsalagi, the native tongue of the Cherokee; the written language introduces the ability to communicate with other people and gives birth to the first printing press used within the Cherokee Nation.  This achievement produces their first written accomplishment of the Cherokee Nation - the Cherokee Phoenix, the newspaper that grew from one small press into a newspaper that is still today widely in circulation, both in the original, paper and ink form as well as digitally.

An innocent little girl by the name of Rain grows up in a prominent family as the granddaughter of Brown Bear, the tribal peace chief.  Being a member in such a family dictates Rain to behave in a certain dignified manner, but being the sweet-yet-defiant little girl that she is, does not always abide by these standards and her strong will instead moves her to act as she pleases.

Cougar and Song Bird are Rain’s parents and are the foundation of her life. They help her understand that the People live with the threatening fact that they face eviction from their homes at the hands of the white man’s government, despite the promise of peace spoken of in past years and the assistance they have received from the only white man the village had come to trust in many years - Mister Tynes. This humorous man, although carrying prominence within the white man’s governmental agencies himself, is unable to rock the political elements in order to save the Cherokee Nation.

As Rain develops into young womanhood, she meets a young man (the son of Mister Tynes) and falls in love with him; in spite of all their cultural differences, JT and Rain form a bond of young love and decide to marry.

But as The People had feared for centuries - the white man's government stepped in and began the process of The Removal; thousands of the Cherokee found themselves in the most terrifying moments of their lives as strangers invaded their homes, evicting families and forcing them to leave their very lives behind as they either obeyed and vacated their homes or chose to run and hide deep in the Georgia mountains.

Rain must decide whether to cling to her first love and watch her family march away as The Trail of Tears begins - or march with them and risk never seeing JT ever again.



Rich Fabric - An Anthology: The Symbolism, Culture and Tradition of Quilting

Contributors, listed alphabetically: Claire Burson Rhonda Dennis Lisamarie Lamb Robyn Leatherman Linda McDaniel Melinda McGuire Suzan McKenzie Sarah Negovetich Tonya Rice Laura Ritchie Alice Shaddix Kara Stewart Crystal Vining Ruth C. White

This book, Rich Fabric, focuses on the culture, tradition and symbolism of quilting with both historic accounts and modern stories. Editor, Melinda McGuire, handpicked the contributors, and they have come together to create an anthology full of vibrant stories, poignant memoirs, beautiful photographs and touching quotes. Profits from the sale of Rich Fabric are donated to the Twilight Wish Foundation - a non-profit charity that grants wishes to senior citizens who live below the poverty level.

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A Dolphin For One

In this YA  novel, Kaileigh, orphaned during her teen years, bounces around state-funded foster care before she is finally placed with a couple who care about her. Driven never to be anyone's obligation and to stand on her own, the teen aces her high school years and takes on a few night  classes at the local college.

She spends her time being alone and organized,  two features of her personality that suit her just fine.

With the learned trade of writing to fund a small but steady cash flow, Kaileigh buys a used Dolphin motor home from the lady down the street and hits the road once the state recognizes her eighteenth year milestone.

Through a series of adventures and mishaps, the young lady finds herself tapping at her laptop in the booth of an Italian restaurant and winds up getting more than a story and a plate of rigatoni when she meets a chef who introduces Kaileigh to her pop star brother - and then she finds herself not being quite as alone as she had become accustomed to.


Rebellion in the Valley,
Set in the 1870s in the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado, this takes the reader into the lives of the Johnson family and the beloved Red Bone Ranch; meet Hailee and her father, Bruce as they meet the challenges that faced cattle ranchers. Come to adore Richard, their cook and friend. Tobias will also join in line as a favorite character, but beware of Howard J. Duffman, who yearns to be much more than just another hired hand!


Anticipation in the Valley
In the sequel to Rebellion, we will visit the Red Bone Ranch and the Rosita, CO area once again. This time around, Duffy is behind bars and a new era slowly begins to take place.
(This is at present, a work in progress, with less than a 1,000 word count.) 

1000 / 60000 (1.18%)


 Renewal in the Valley
In the last book in the Rebellion trilogy, the valley finally regains normal ground.

0 / 60000 (0.0%)


Title for my entry in the 2013 NaNoWriMo writing competition.

Full disclosure: Not a complete manuscript and there is no release date in mind.



Audric Edwards: Linkboy

In this historic fiction, the young Audric finds himself at the unmerciful hands of his uncle, who has been cast into the unwilling position of raising his only nephew.

In a world of ugly hatred, Audric must learn to see past the walls of the so-called home he lives in and raise himself out of the only life he has ever known … but a life he feels is completely wrong.

(This is at present, a work in progress, with less than a 2,000-word count.)

2000 / 60000 (3.33%)


The Perilous Life of Maude Pringle

In this comedic YA, the author has allowed peeks into her own life, using the fictional character of Maude to reveal various accounts in her own life.

From the most embarrassing moments to some of the most unimportant ones, it will be at the least, a hilarious glimpse into a life that you may find similarities with in your own growing-up years!

(This is at present, a work in progress, with less than a 2,000-word count.)

2000 / 30000 (6.67%)



Bound By Cotton

As a winner in the 2011 NaNoWriMo Competition, this Historical Fiction novel takes the reader on a journey to the brink of what we now call The Great Depression, where we meet a little girl with the misfortune of being born into a world no child should ever exist in and believe to be a normal way of life. Her adult recollection of events allows for one remarkable story.

Parental desertion, living in a boxcar with her younger sister, working the cotton fields - and enduring more than her share of tribulation, Emma's courage and soft heart will leave the reader pondering how such things could befall children who lived in this era of American history.

With a projected goal of 60,000 words once the full manuscript has been completely written and edited, no release date is posted at this time. Stay tuned!

53753 / 60000 (83.61%)


Tails Of A Fantasy

My daughter and I are fans of fantasy. In both the printed page as well on screen.

That  being said, we also have certain standards which dictate the types of fantasy-related material we allow ourselves to see. The struggle to discover what our conscience views as decent, this can be a tiring journey as sometimes what is advertised  is not always what gets delivered.

And  what we're both looking for is a world of fantasy where witches don't exist, where spells are not cast, and where sorcery is non-existent.

Impossible if you're speaking of fantasy?

Well, it is difficult, but not totally impossible, and this book will show the mission can be accomplished!

Since this book is especially for my daughter and since she is super excited to read it, this will be the least-spoken of story I'm writing.

Hint: the main character is Hekidi and the title is probably not the one that will make the final cut.

(This is at present, a work in progress, with less than a 5,000-word count. Or is that word count higher? Hmmm)



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