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 The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield

     The thought of sectioning out a portion of my website to post book reviews never crossed my mind until just this morning.
     A few weeks ago, I received an advanced reader's copy of The Homecoming of Samuel Lake, which has not been written-but cleverly crafted- by Jenny Wingfield. Having a busy schedule, I've only been reading the book at night; my treat at the end of a day. Last night I saved the very last chapter to finish up this morning, and I bawled like a baby as Jenny invited me into the Moses home once again to say farewell to my new friends. And bawl like a baby I did.
     This not only has moved waaay up the ladder into being one of my favorite all-time books that will absolutely be read again and again, but Jenny has moved into the ranks as one of my all-time favorite authors. I wanna be just like her when I grow up.
     The cover says that if you love Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, you will love Swan ... yep-they would most likely have been good friends, those two. And the trouble they would have stirred up could fill a couple more books.
     Swan Lake, Blade Ballinger, Toy Moses. How can a person even choose a favorite character from this book? Jenny's use of words and phrases from the deep south lace the reader's mind to the point that you just know you've been to a good place when you've been with the Moses clan; even in their darkest moments, you feel like you've been right there with them.
     Oh, yes. This book is real. The characters are real. From Calla's garden to the preacher's, this is real stuff.
     I get to read it again before anyone else even gets the chance to read it once, because The Homecoming of Samuel Lake isn't available for the U.S. public eye until Tuesday, July 10th, 2012. It's a Random House book, but this is far from just some random book, y'all. You must grab your own copy and find a nice comfy place to snuggle into, because you won't be putting it down for a few hours once you pick it up. You may even have to get someone to bring you refills on your coffee; just use a cowbell to grab their attention.

     Now here are a couple of links to get you started, places you will be able to pick up your own copy from. Just don't loan yours out to anyone, because you might not get it back! And be sure to let Jenny know what a great job she did. You can make contact with her on Twitter or Goodreads today!

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Although I read many books from many sources, I'm going to only be posting reviews from the following 6 websites: Lean Stone Book Club, Online Book Club, Smashwords, Story Cartel,  Wattpad and Wordslinger Publishing. All other reviews will be found on my Good Reads page.

If you want me to read and review your book, please reach out to me! Email me TheOneAMPen at robynleatherman dot com and we'll work out the details!









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