I follow people who are associated with the writing world: authors, editors, publishers.


If you write historical fiction, Native American themed work, or things that just make me smile and give me one those internal chuckle moments, I may pay more than average attention to you.


I like funny tweets with personal touches added here and there … I don't necessarily care about what you ate for breakfast, unless it ties in with something funny … or better yet, ties in with something funny about your writing. ("My cat tumbled my morning coffee all over my new manuscript!")


Tweets that offer valid advice and links to other people's legit advice get my attention right away; if you have a blog, tweet your link when you post something!


When I read about new authors and things they're going through as newbies, that grabs my attention. I also enjoy reading the blogs of people who are just getting into blogging; it's fun to see what others do to their own little corners of the web world!


I don't follow bots or accounts that give tips on how to gain fifty thousand followers by next Tuesday. I won't follow if the person pleads for their own  following numbers to go up.


I have actually blocked accounts that follow me when they have nothing to do with writing at all. (Dentistry, cell phone distributors, or how-to-clean-your-gun)


Like other twitter users, I scan through my timeline and my followers & following lists regularly. If I see that I've asked a person a question and have not been replied to, chances are very high that I'll unfollow. If a person uses foul language, they're gone from my list. If all I see are complaining and whining tweets, see ya.

If you are following me and I'm not following you - and you really want me to follow back, ask me. If you fit into the above criteria of what I'm looking for in my following list, chances are high that I'll be glad you asked!