After taking a 5-week "break" from blogging, this is what's been happening behind the scenes:

My husband had to endure a triple bypass open heart surgery, to begin with. As anyone can imagine, that was one of the worst and scariest events of our family's life. Our daughter was the bottle of Elmer's that held everything firmly in place, so hats off to her for being so loving to her parents. She's honestly my personal gift and blessing from Jehovah God, there is no doubt about it.

In between doctor's appointments following my husband's hospital stay, there have been a couple of computer glitches I've overcome, and I've also been dealing with fibromyalgia; I've pretty much decided that I'm probably going to end up setting a place for it at the dinner table, since it just won't leave me alone. :)

I finally finished up a 6 by 4 foot black and white checkerboard afghan that I crocheted for my daughter, and I even found time to work on my jewelry skills by creating several beaded necklaces for a dear friend who proved her worth in gold while I stressed over the entire hosptial thing - and I've juuust about penned 23,000 words in this year's JuNoWriMo competition.

We all have so many obstacles to jump over and squirm around in our writing careers, don't we? So why would I tell everyone about the struggles I've encountered lately?

That's easy to answer!

I share them with you because I want you to see that we are all the same in one inescapable, important way: none of us are invincible. All of us have to make a living and at the same time, keep that "stiff upper lip" and pretend like everything is absolutely fine even when it's really not.
Has my writing suffered the past 5 weeks?


Is it hard getting back into the swing of things?

You betcha!

But I refuse to give up. See? That's another way you and I are alike.

Now that I'm climbing back up on that proverbial horse, though, what can my readers look forward to?

I've actually got a few events in the planning stages ...

The first writing project on my platter is obviously the JuNoWriMo competition.

In this year's attempt, it is nothing more than a tribute to my beautiful and supportive daughter. We are both big, huge diehard fans of the Jonas Brothers. (Yeah, I said it.) To repay my sweetie for all that she's done for me in my writing career - which spans the length of her lifetime - I'm writing a projected 75,000 word series of short fan fictions for her reading pleasure. No, this is not meant for publication. She and I will be the only owners of this one. (Sorry, fellow JoBro lovers out there!)

In July, however, it's back to business - and time to bring my historical fiction, Rebellion in the Valley, to a conclusion! As some of you may already know, Rebellion is the first in a trilogy; the second book will be Anticipation in the Valley. If you'd like to take a peep, you can scroll down right here and see what Rebellion is all about.

Rebellion is slated to be released October 1st, and I'm planning a few really neat giveaways with this book, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, thanks for hanging in there with me and continuing to follow me along this path I've taken with my writing.

I appreciate all the reviews, tweets, and emails that my readers send; your support makes all of this worth the research and late nights!

All my best to each one of you -