Last week I bought the coolest thing! It looks like a giant cookie and plugs into the USB hub on your computer; it's designed to keep your coffee mug nice 'n warm while you're busily tapping away at the next big thing. Neato, huh?!

Well, yeah. It could have been. If it worked.

That thing sat plugged in for 5 hours and my coffee continued to cool off hour after hour.

I'd already thrown the packaging away, so I couldn't return the thing – figured I'd just make a coaster out of it. Then I remembered I'd also bought one for my daughter, so I figured I better plug hers in to see if it would work. Her container came with directions – which said it worked best when no other hubs were in use and to use a flat-bottomed mug. Hmmm …

Ya know what?

I don't need to use mine as a coaster now!

Funny how even the simplest of instructions can make all the difference. We can apply this to just about any aspect of life, I suppose; whether we're speaking of the way parents and children interact, guidance from the Bible or even in our professional lives.

So unless we just enjoy riding through life making coasters out of dud experiences, maybe we might try implementing a few more instructions and see how that works out for us! :)