We all want recognition for a job well done.

It sure would be nice to gain some profit from all those emotional, financial or physical deposits we've been making.

What a great day it would be to actually see results coming from that project we've been pouring ourselves over.

And it would all seem so well worth it if we could get all these benefits right now!

But hang on a second. What about the wait, that place we stand right before "the good stuff" happens?

Jeff Goins calls this "The In-Between" - and it's the title of his next book, which releases on August 1st.

The In-Between-Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing is going to teach us how to be patient, how to live in the moment - and how to just slow down and enjoy every step life has to offer us.

Jeff is an honest-hearted guy. He writes about stuff* we can all relate to, often does it with humor, and the reason we can identify so well with Jeff is because he has struggled with the same insecurities the rest of have.

By pre-ordering The In-Between, Jeff sweetens the deal by offering a TONNAGE of freebies. Click the link and discover what these gems are!

*Catch Jeff's insighful words of wisdom on Twitter, Facebook, and sign up for his email newsletters, and purchase your own copy of The In-Between - trust me. You don't want to miss out on what this man has to say!

Until next time, enjoy your life, take time to slow down and help someone else to do the same ... if we do, we'll all learn how to enjoy The In-Between!