Before I begin with the update, there's a couple of things I feel the need to say.

From my early TV-watching years, when people gathered on platforms to accept trophies, they would generally thank their audience, acknowledging that without these people, they would be nothing. True statement. Without an audience, Gone With the Wind might have dissipated into dust and have been swept the wind. It's the audience who dictates where any entertainer or piece of work will go.

That in mind, it is with awe that I now sit in my own home office and create stories people actually purchase and regularly send me email and tweeted questions about. Nora Roberts, I am not! Flattered and awestruck is more like it.

For those of you have been on this journey with me and listened to the short children's stories I told your kids some twenty-five years ago, thanks for hanging in there with me! For those of you who are just beginning to join the continued journey my writing is on, thank you very much for being curious enough to check me out!

So onward to the update on this current book I'm furiously trying to finish up for you.

Rebellion in the Valley is an historical-slanted western story taking place in 1870s Colorado in the Wet Mountain Valley, which is actually an area I've lived in. Colorado has a vast history of events ranging from Native American roots with the Apache, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Pueblo, Shoshone and Ute Indians, as well as the Comanche, Kiowa and Navajo - to the cowboys who helped frame the western section of the United States. There is a never-ending source of information and ideas for stories within this one state.

Rebellion relates events taking place in the general areas of Westcliffe, Rosita and Canon City in the mid-1860s. The names I chose for the inhabitants of the Red Bone Ranch are not historical, but the bankers and a few other characters are historical. The events taking place in this trilogy - the Pocahontas mine scandal, bank robbery, boubonic plague, the fire in Rosita, the transportation of the St. Cloud Motel and a few other events-are historical. So I'm basically concentrating more on the actual events as historical content rather than the characters themselves.

Where am I in this stage of my editing? Good question!

With less than two months before release, I've been pouring over the work every day. Editing "weasel words" is a process, let me tell ya. When I initially write any story, it's pretty much a free-for-all where I'm not concerned with spelling, grammar, or whether anything is even making any sense. It's pure creative flow. Once I begin each edit (there are usually 5 editing phases each of my books go through), words are honed, phrases are cut or re-threaded.

Currently we're on stage 5 edit. I'm happy with chapters 1-12 so far and there will probably be a final chapter count of 28. I do have a cover already, thanks to my personal cover artist, Lindsay Kayser. There is going to be a giveaway package with this book as well as free downloads on release day, so I'm getting the prize package together. And I've got a few beta readers all lined up and ready to start reading, so all that's left is just to finish this editing process already!

With that in mind, I shall take my leave now and get busy. Again, I do want to thank everyone for the support, you don't know how much I appreciate it!