For the past month now, my regular blogging has met a series of interruptions; sure, I’ve read all the articles on how writers should never allow distractions to take over, but then, these articles don’t live in my house, either. If they were to spend even three hours here, they would run. Screaming for their perfectly punctuated little lives.

In my written absence, I have kept up with some of my favorite authors, their blogs and email newsletters; one such person is Jody Hedlund. I wouldn’t mind being like her when I grow up. Actually, if I keep up the schedule I’m currently on … my plan is to become a mini-Jody in the aspect that her fantastic historical fiction novel, The Preacher’s Bride, hit bookshelves a few short months ago – and her next novel, The Doctor’s Lady, is due to hit shelves in two months. Now that is awesome!

My debut historical fiction novel, Summer Rain: Getsikahvda Anitsalagi (The Removal of the People) is currently on my editor’s table and I’ve got two more novels ready to go after the release of this first novel. So maybe I’m paying attention to the smart kids in class after all!

Another person I’ve kept up with is Kristen Lamb and her email newsletter. This is one funny lady! And she has some of the best advice, too. I’m not talking about the regular old stuff about how we should query and try harder and all that stuff … sure, she does encourage us with the good-for-you stuff. But I’m talking about her bold and witty approach to blogging.

The following words are Kristen’s and are copied straight from one of her recent newsletters. I enjoyed the content so much – I actually copied and pasted several of the paragraphs from this newsletter, spiffied the font, and printed it out. Her wisdom now lives in a pretty frame on my home office wall so I can giggle whenever I read it. Here’s part of it:

Many of us became writers because we were interested in so much stuff that we couldn't figure out whether we wanted to be a scientist, a dancer, a race car driver, an archaeologist or an astronaut when we grew up. As writers....we could do ALL those things.  So why, when it comes to blogging, do we have this knee-jerk reaction that we can only talk about one topic...writing?”

 How liberating to hear that I can do whatever I wanna do with my website, my blog, my corner of the world! How come I didn’t know that until Kristen Lamb said it?

 Thanks to her, now I’m back at the blogging desk again.

 Sometimes all it takes is someone giving you that lil nudge. And something to giggle at doesn’t hurt, either!