Apparently, there is a new game being played within the writer's circle here in our twitter community. It's the #Lucky7 game, and the link to how it works is right HERE. (Be sure to check out all the links so everyone gets due credit, pretty  please.)
    In a nutshell, if you get "tagged", you're being invited to share content from your latest novel or the manuscript that you are currently working on.

    I thought about sharing the "7s" from the manuscript that I'm currently writing, (another historical) but the rules say not to cheat, and maybe it would be be cheating to show 2 sets of 7s ... so unless I get tagged a second time, I'll be a good kid here and refrain *it's hard to be good!* from sharing too much.
    And I don't say this just so I can share more of my own work, either - it was really hard to choose only 7 of my fellow writers! I could have easily chosen another 7 writers off the top of my head.

    So here we go: from my historical fiction novel that was released just a month ago by Strategic Book Group, Summer Rain: Getsikahvda Anitsalagi (The Removal of the People):

    Page 77, line 7, and the 7 lines down on that page:

    "I may be speaking out of turn, but I know
    something about our young friend." He grinned, poking a long
    stick into the fire and twirling it till it began to glow.
    "He has a love for Sidani, the sister of Walks Crooked. He
    has gained the approval of Walks Crooked, and will be joining
    their household soon. I was thinking that perhaps our wives
    could make something special for a marriage gift."

    Since it looks like this was started through a writer's page on, I'll just toss in the extra goodie here and let you know that once you've read the  book these 7 lines came from, you can take my 9-question quiz and test yourself to see how much you remembered about the book! (And some people think that Wednesdays are blah!)

    Now, here are the 7 other writers that I've tagged myself:

1.    @beccajcampbell
2.    @tonyalit
3.    @robolollycop
4.    @ShinriEvanova 
5.    @jmfwriter
6.    @KateSpencer2go
7.    @0CmC0_to_Write

    Why did I choose to "tag" such a diverse group of writers? If you'll take the time to look at the websites, blogs, Amazon pages, etc, of each one of these writers ... it won't take long before you figure it out.
    I've been exposed to a great group of talented and supportive writers here in the writer's community on twitter and just want to be able to give back, so to speak.
    So if I've tagged you here today, I hope you will consider it as a compliment, because I certainly meant it to be.