Last week I voiced the fact that I have been writing a brand-new side project of narratives based on a few characters from my book, Summer Rain. My goal is to have two written and edited narratives by September, and I'm actually on schedule. 

This process has been so beneficial that another thought has occurred to me: I've been learning so much about these other characters, I've decided to use this tactic with with all my future books - not publishing narratives with each book - but going through the process of writing out what each character is seeing, feeling, needing from the other characters. Even with the smaller characters.

Yes, many of us already do this, and there are scads of awesome worksheets out there to facilitate this process. But when something finally causes that lightbulb to go off over your own head-it feels like the first time it has ever been spoken about! I have to give credit where it is due. Melinda McGuire, the genius behind Josephine: Red Dirt & Whiskey, When I Met Crazy in the Morning: Mae's Tale and Nelson and Cora: The Beginning, gave me the idea to do the narratives. 

One thing that I am a bit concerned with is the fact that I have no cover art yet; this will be my first full-on Indie project and yes, I'm a bit apprehensive. 

What I'd really appreciate from my readers is whatever tips you may have, suggestions for editors, links for people who offer cover art. To some extent, the success of this new project of mine will also include my readers! 

My goal is to have this project ready by September, and the writing part is on schedule. I just need a little nudge in the right direction from the rest of you.

Oh- and have I mentioned that this narrative project will be offered as a free incentive for interest in my book, Summer Rain? Ah, that helps, doesn't it? Together, this is going to be lots of fun - and if you leave me some helpful tips with your web/blog information and/or Twitter names, I'll be sure to give you the proper credit in a shout-out on my own Twitter account!

So please put on those thinking caps and get to clicking - I really appreciate your help!