Getsikahvda Anitsalagi
(The Removal of the People)

    For the past week, I've been staring at the front and back covers of my very first book. I wanted to show them off to everyone, but in the back of my mind, I kept thinking-what if this is a mistake and I'm asked to send them back?

    Happily, though, this is indeed my MY front cover!

    I still haven't been able to hold a copy of my book, as I'm still waiting for the first proof copy to arrive; I'm hoping to have it by the time I attend my first writer's club meeting so I can tote it along and demonstrate how "professional" I am! *chuckles to self*

    This is still so early in the game that my publisher, Strategic Book Group, still has not announced a release date-even to me.

    It's a very exciting time in my life, all this waiting. It's doing weird things to me: never having been a nail-biter, they've grown stronger over the past few weeks for some reason, allowing me to develop the annoying habit of rubbing my pointer fingernails across my thumbs in nervous outbursts that only I myself know I'm participating in. (I believe the developing callouses may give my secret away soon, though.)

    I've also begun feeling like if I'm alive & awake, I've got to be doing something with my writing work. Writing, editing, blogging, tweeting, going over marketing strategies ... and it's driving me bananas.

    It wouldn't be so bad, except once the piece is written, I second-guess myself & click that delete button. Write another piece, repeat process. For a month this has been happening.

    Perhaps over the weekend, the desire to pick up a crochet hook and finish my nephew's afghan will kick in. It would be great to come back on Monday feeling more relaxed and ready to talk about Summer Rain: Getsikahvda Anitsalagi (The Removal of the People)!

    *Side note: For any other authors who have experienced the same pre-release jitters, any advice would be appreciated.*