The final editing phase on Rebellion in the Valley has thrown a couple of curve balls at me, but the work is nonetheless going along.

Somehow, I managed to lose three entire chapters, so I had to locate those words, which ate up some time. I also had a side project that required my undivided attention, so there went another couple of weeks. But I am back on track now and it does look like the release date will indeed be Wednesday, October 30th (2013).

As promised, there will be some freebies associated with this book. All day on the 30th, Rebellion in the Valley will be available on Smashwords for a free download, so mark your calendars and help me out by spreading the word. I'd like to get this into as many libraries as I can that first day!

In addition to the free download, one person will be winning a grand prize package of gifts relating to the book, valued at about $25. I'll be posting a picture of the winner's package in a few weeks, so keep tuning in right here to see the goods. This contest was designed by my husband, whose family owned a 248-acre ranch when he was a little boy. I thought it would be fitting for him to think of the contest, since Rebellion in the Valley is based on a ranch in 1870s Colorado. The contest winner will also be chosen by my husband, just to make it fair.

Details of the contest will be revealed at a later date so all participants will have a fair shake at winning.

The day before Rebellion's release, I have an interview going live with Arkansas Authors, so be looking for that, as well. Links to the interview will be posted right here.

Thanks for stopping by & start spreading the word - Rebellion in the Valley is releasing Wednesday, October 30th!