Good news!

Rebellion in the Valley is now 100% edited and waiting for the Meat Grinder! This means not only am I on schedule, I am actually 2 weeks ahead. This doesn't happen all the time, at least, not for me.

I'd love to say this means an early release date, but that isn't going to happen. Not because I'm some ritualistic meanie who needs to stick to a certain date, but it actually has to do with the fact that it wouldn't be fair to release it early.

See, I've got an interview due to release the 29th - the day before Rebellion's targeted release date. In that interview, I announce not only the release of the book - but also contest details for that $25 gift basket on the 30th. One is tied to the other.

So hang tight, y'all. Two weeks will fly by!

In the meantime, I'd like to announce my newest endeavor: I'm now on Wattpad!

This will be a completely new experience for me, because in this arena, authors are encouraged to post their works in progress: a literal WIP! I've never worked that way, never ever. To be honest, it's going to feel almost akin to throwing myself under a speeding bus...well, maybe at first.

My talented daughter [], who is also an author and on Wattpad herself, gave me one of her pep/instructional talks (she's great that way) to explain why she feels posting a book chapter by chapter is a good idea. Our conversation kinda went like this: People might read your entire book. They might even like it. But for some people, it takes a while to plow through a book, and no matter how much they liked it, getting a review might be slim to none. By the time the book is over, they want to move on to the next one. No review for you, so sad. But on Wattpad, by posting one or two or three chapters at a time, people - several people - read and review it, pick it apart for you. That's what they DO on Wattpad. That's what it's FOR. Now you have total control over what your readers enjoyed about the work and what didn't hit a home run. As the book evolves, editing is smoother and less tedious later on. Bonus? You get to react one on one with your fans & readers!

I asked the Wise One, as I frequently call her, about multiple-genre writing. Her reply was not to force it, because people can sense when you're trying too hard. Write what you love to write, and only branch out when you feel ready.

My intuitive daughter invited me to join her writing community last week. What I soon discovered was an easy-to-learn platform where writers of just about every level from beginner to those who already own websites and have published a few books come to share in their mutual love of the written word.

For those of you who have been following me for some time, you know I'm no longer on Twitter (but I still LOVE the writing community there!) in order to allow myself more time to write. This extra writing time will come in handy, as NaNoWriMo is once again on top of us, coupled with the fact that now I'm going to have to set aside time to keep chapters of my Wattpad work churned out at regular intervals while at the same time, continue my blog and begin working on the second book in the Valley trilogy. Whew!

For anyone who might be contemplating opening an account on Wattpad, the general feel is welcoming; I received three hello-and-nice-to-have-you-here messages within the first 5 minutes.

If you decide to come hang out with us, please stop by and say hi to my daughter and/or myself! The more exposure we're able to give one another, the better for all of us.