They are our friends and we grow to love them, but even electrical devices have a life span.

Speaking for myself, the death of one of these loved ones never comes at a convenient time; as an author, I'm always 'right in the middle' of writing something or another.

I experienced the death of my beloved laptop last week, but thanks to my smartphone, I'm learning how to actually get by temporarily without one. It hasn't been all that bad for a quick fix, either.

By using a mini Opera browser, I've got seven browser option pre-programmed for ease and fast accessibility. Cause let's be real here: who really LOVES typing on a cell phone?

Hootsuite gives me the overview I need of my social media scene, where I'm able to stay connected to my work and it gives me the portability my hectic summer life demands.

But what about my actual writing without a computer, you may ask. #JuNoWriMo is coming up in  couple of days and I've already made it known that I intend on participating.

No worries!

I have been making close friends with the Quick Office function on my phone and thanks to an upgraded memory, all I need to do is use the copy and paste option, adding my word count to the stored document already on my memory card. (I love the inventor of copy and paste!)

This is all good in a pinch ... but what about posting all this cool stuff on my weekly blog? The truth is, I don't know because I haven't tried it out yet. (I'm sorta using the hubby's computer this morning)

If you have ever had to pull an electrical MacGiver, I would enjoy hearing about your adventures and how you maneuvered the situation to your favor!