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Do You Have Any Literary Pet Peeves?

February 18, 2015

Not to be picky or anything, but … if a business is large enough to advertise their goods (this stands equally for the corner drugstore or the national chain), the business is large enough to hire an extra set of eyes to scan that ad before it hits the paper or the sign in front of the store.

I have actually seen the following in catalogs, on signs, and in paper ads: “All T-Shirt's 50% off” and “BOGO on all cupcake's!” - or how about this - “Wine and selected beer's on clearance!” Maybe the best/worst of them all was the cardboard sign strapped to a cardboard box on the tailgate of a truck in a parking lot of a discount store … “FREE Puppys”.

I wanted to scoop all those poor puppies up in my arms and remove them from the ignorant household just on the basic principle of it all!

With no shame attached, I openly admit being the person who will email a company to alert the advertising department of their errors and yes, I have actually picked up the phone and called Name-Omitted fast food joint across the street from the high school to speak with the manger when their sign was grammatically incorrect. It's right there by the high school, for crying out loud!

It's not difficult. Words are singular (puppy), plural (puppies) or possessive (puppy's).

What is the craziest or worst sign or ad you've ever seen? I sure would like to wince along with you if want to share the misery with the rest of us!



A Little German Influence

January 28, 2015

As my work progresses, I try keeping everyone in the loop with some of the highlights along my journey, and guess what this week's tidbit is?

While writing about Westcliffe's business district in the late 1870s to early 1880s, the German immigrants and the Colfax Colony came into play. The gears in my mind commenced to turning and it sounded reasonable enough for the restaurants, hotels and saloons to have been influenced by the various cooking styles which had been introduced into the small ...

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Anticipating Anticipation

January 21, 2015

As many of my readers may remember, I'm writing an historical fiction trilogy based on the happenings in and around the Westcliffe–Canon City, Colorado area between the mid 1870s to mid 1880s. Initially, I'd scheduled the first part of the story, Rebellion in the Valley, to be followed by Anticipation in the Valley within 6 months.

That didn't happen.

After a series of weird events that decided to go wrong for me last year, including the fizzling out of my laptop and losing a couple other m...

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What I Learned From An Electric Cookie

January 16, 2015

Last week I bought the coolest thing! It looks like a giant cookie and plugs into the USB hub on your computer; it's designed to keep your coffee mug nice 'n warm while you're busily tapping away at the next big thing. Neato, huh?!

Well, yeah. It could have been. If it worked.

That thing sat plugged in for 5 hours and my coffee continued to cool off hour after hour.

I'd already thrown the packaging away, so I couldn't return the thing – figured I'd just make a coaster out of it. The...

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This is Where it Happens

January 7, 2015

My home office.
Is it everything you thought it would be?

Well, here it is, folks. A 6 by 9 foot space of this planet that's all mine. An area where anything this kid requires to write stories or study the Cherokee language, at arm's length. My Bible study projects are right here, as well. A tv has been mounted above my desk ... there may even be a few snacks in one of my desk drawers, but I don't wanna say which one. Yep. This tiny space is all I need to whip out those word counts. 

So what abo...

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2015 Reading Challenges

January 1, 2015

I've pledged to read the written word in 2015 to the tune of 5 reading challenges; keeping track of them has already prompted me to create a master chart mapping out a plan of action.

Alphabetically, here's what my 2015 looks like thus far:

  1. Have you heard about the Deal Me In reading challenge hosted by Bibliophilopolis? This one is really different, and it can also be easily combined with other challenges. In this unique play on words, we'll assign each card in the dec...

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Anticipation in the Valley Update

May 7, 2014
A few people have begun inquiring as to whether or not the next installment in my Valley series is still on schedule to be finished by May 30th.

The short answer to this question is no, it's not.

I'm going to be completely honest with everyone: my attention has been sorely distracted into about seventeen projects the past few months, and while writing is a huge part of my life - it's not the only thing in my life.

However, I have been working on Anticipation in the Valley and am just finishing c...

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Congratulations to my Good Reads Winners!

March 26, 2014
The Good Reads contest for those 3 signed copies of Rebellion the Valley is now over.

Ice cream cones all around to each of the 610 awesome folks who entered to win!

Winners have been notified by Good Reads, so I won't post their names here - but I'd like to let you know your copies (and a little gift) will be shipped first thing, Thursday, 3/27.

So look out, Arkansas, New York and Delaware: you've got some free books on the way!

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FREE Extra Prize with Book Giveaway

March 19, 2014

To the 200+ folks who have entered to win a signed copy of my latest book, Rebellion in the Valley - I'd hug y'all if I could! Thank you so much for the enthusiasm I've received thus far ... some of you have related stories of passing my book around to others in your families so everyone could read it & I can't tell you how much it tickles me to know it's being enjoyed. Rest assured, I'm hard at work on the second installment, Anticipation in the  Valley; Duffy is going to have a rude awakeni...

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FREE Book Giveaway Contest

March 12, 2014

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to request a copy of Rebellion in the Valley through my Good Reads giveaway; at last glance, about 150 people have entered for the 3 copies I've set aside in this giveaway, and that really tickles me!

The contest end at midnight, March 25th, and I have a special treat for the three winners: handmade book marks.

In next week's blog post, I'll post a photo of them.

Until then - get those entries in and spread the word about the contest!

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