This is your last week of freedom before the work begins, so how are you spending your time?

    I'll share my last few days with you: you may have noticed that I haven't been saying much on twitter for the past few days. That's because I've been mapping out last-minute changes with the story I'm about to write.

    I also had the opportunity to sit down a couple of days ago with a young author who has plans to publish one day; we went over several points of writing for mobile formats. All I can say about this visit - you and I have some stiff competition on the way, because this writer is sure to blow our doors off! You've been warned.

    These last few days have also been filled with reading. After looking at my Kindle, I apparently had several partially-read books ... kind of like the afghans I start and stow, start and stow. So I've been getting caught up on my reading.

    But now we're all in crunch-time. One more week before we run out of time to prepare.

    Do you have all your facts ready at your fingertips? Dates, places, names, and details written down yet? (This saves research time!) What about your blog/website? Make sure you grab your NaNoWriMo freebies, like badges and word count meters to show others what (and how!) you're doing.

    If you use Hoot Suite, it may also be a good idea to line up a full week's worth of comments to have posted; from my own experience, there won't be enough time to keep up both my writing and my timeline.

    Make sure you drop the word to friends and family; you may have to set up guidelines for well-wishers. "I won't respond to texts or calls until after 7 PM" or whatever your schedule may be. (Just because someone drops a text at 10 am doesn't mean you have to respond right away and break your concentration.) This is your time, your work, and you have to set the barriers.

    I'll be updating my own progress each Wednesday right here, on Your Book Launch, and I'll be on and off on my Twitter feed throughout NaNo.

    If you're participating in 2012 NaNoWriMo, I'd like to encourage you to have fun and work with a goal of grabbing that awesome Winner Badge on December 1st!

    PS: In case you missed the announcement, I'm sharing a pdf copy of the word count worksheet I'll be using. (It's at the top of this page) Print one off for yourself and feel free to spread the word!