My daughter has successfully been a member of the community for oh, about 9 months now, and she currently has a stream of roughly 70,000 readers on her book, The Bookworm. That's pretty good, right? (For those of you who have yet to read her story, you can glance over to the right and click-a-roo on her box to find out what the buzz is all about.) She writes every single day and her chapters range in the 3 to 4K bracket; this week she will be posting Chapter 9, so if you haven't begun to read The Bookworm, this is a good time to start.

Her success with Wattpad caught my attention quickly, and she encouraged me to join her there.

So I joined.

And haven't posted a single thing.

Of course, when I signed up with Wattpad, I was right in the middle of NaNoWriMo and knew I wouldn't have the time to post until NNWM was finished.

This is where my OCD kicks in. And that nifty dry erase board in my office.

You see, each day I literally have scheduled which writing will happen on which day of the week and which sites I will post on. This schedule is even right here on my blog. I've discovered that scheduling my time helps me stay on track, because if nothing else, it's like an accountability to other people. It's expected that I will post on my blog every Wednesday because that's what my schedule says. Fridays people tune in to read my latest updates on whichever book I'm currently reading. On so on.

My time will be divided at this point forward: before signing up with Wattpad, I would just write on whichever book(s) I had going at the time. No big deal. Now, though, I need to be more structured. Wattpadians, from the experience I've seen through my daughter, can really get hooked on a story and have no problem asking the author when the next installment will be arriving. How embarrassing if there is no more to post, right? And in addition to the embarrassment, the author risks those readers moving along and forgetting all about your work. Which is, of course, the literary equivalent of a career-ending move.

I am also writing that Valley trilogy, though, remember?

Anticipation in the Valley, the second in the trilogy, is due to begin hitting the page January 1st. Projected finish time is May 30th. (Just in time for JuNoWriMo ... do you see why I need scheduled times for what I'm writing when?)

So without any more procrastination, my new schedule has posted and I will try my best to stick to it. Just be easy on me while I transition into this whole Wattpad thing, y'all, because I haven't even begun writing the material for that book yet.

So anyhoo - check out The Bookworm, let my kid know what you thought of it, and we'll talk soon!