The Good Reads 2018 Reading Challenge is live! Wahoozooles and cue the confetti! 

Kinda hard to believe it's time to line up our reading material for the next 365 days, but here we are, gang! What is everyone thinking about reading this time around? Anyone joining niche challenges this year?

A couple of years ago, I joined about 5 reading challenges, believing most would overlap, so it would be super easy to end the year looking like a superstar. Did not work that way at all and I failed big time, so this kid is sticking with Good Reads.

For several years now, I've been tossing my hat into the Good Reads arena by boldly forecasting a total of 50 books for the year; admittedly, there have been a couple of years when I've realized the counter is sitting at 41 … and there I go, the last week of December and scrambling for all the kid's lit I can get my hands on. Not the ideal way to complete the challenge, but a book is a book, am I right or am I left? (Sorry, I just finished reading The BFG to my service dog a couple nights ago.)

To kick this year off on the best foot possible, a re-reading of one of my favorites has commenced. It's a 1300+page masterpiece which took the author some 10 years to fully research and complete to absolute perfection.

The book I'm speaking about is Sacajawea, written by Anna Lee Waldo, and it was her breakout novel. After writing something this brilliant and flawless, she has my attention. If she penned the description for the back side of a cereal box, I just might want a copy of it. Yeah, she's THAT good.

This is going to be the 5th time Anna's book has entertained me, and sadly, the decision has been made to finally retire the copy when this round has come to an end. It's such a thick book and gets packed with me everywhere I go, so it's taken a beating over the years. As it is, the spine is sporting silver tape and a few pages have completely fallen out (tenderly placed back in their proper spots).Thankfully, though, it is also digitally available on Kindle, so I still win! Gonna take a while to plow through the pages, so I'm assuming it's acceptable to count it yet once again.

The progress will be listed on my What I'm Reading Now page, along with the progress of catching up with Wattpad author *and my amazing daughter *, KimberlyWritesBooks. Seriously, check her out, you can always thank me later.

Looks like I gots me some readin’ to tend to, so til next week, when you finally get a show and tell of my bead work, take it easy and make sure someone you love doesn't go to sleep not knowing how much he or she means to you!