Sometimes writers glance around the twitter room and wonder who’s doing what and when they’re doing those things. We don’t want to ask and appear rude, so we continue to wonder from afar.

I don’t mind sharing my schedule, because it might help someone else to make one of their own or help someone to adjust where needed.

As you read through some of the things I do, however, I have to inform my audience of a couple of things.

First of all, I’m trying to fill my time with productive things so my heart doesn’t break in half at the fact that my husband and I are now empty-nesters, my amazing daughter having gotten married a month ago. (A subliminal boo-hoo aimed at her so she will come visit me soon!)

Second, I have no distractions anymore … my dachshund puppies will be in the spring litter, so I don’t even have any animals to let in or out. My time is now my time to use the best way I can.

Sounds awesome, but actually, that’s kind of scary. Think about it … before now, I could use the crutch of home school duties or babysitting or having a thousand responsibilities to tend to ~ and maybe even be okay in the back of my head that I didn’t post a blog or I neglected to fully edit a few chapters because of these things.

Now there is one going to be one reason I didn’t get my work done: I sluffed it off and didn’t stick to my schedule, which is:

Monday through Friday, I work out at home for about an hour on our home gym equipment, shower, and get to my computer with coffee in hand by 9 am for a good 3-hour writing session. During that time, I have my twitter account pulled up as well as my website/blog.

I also take Tsalagi classes and squeeze in my lessons and homework twice a week.

If I’m having a good day and there is nothing else pressing for me to get done, I’ll break for lunch and get back into the writing process for another couple or three hours; this doesn’t mean, though, that I will always be writing on my novel-in-progress.

I usually have more than one writing project in the making at once. (It’s just one of the ways I have learned to deal with writer’s block, because my head always has to be moving forward, my brain doesn’t shut down.)

Now that the house is quiet most of the time, I can generally write during the daytime. But if I have trouble sleeping, I still tap out a few late-night words now and again.

When I need an altogether different creative outlet, I either drag out my beading and create some jewelry or my plastic canvas and floss to make some magnets … my fridge is very colorful! Haha

Reading is very important to authors; it's a must-do, non-optional part of being an author, so good for most of us that we actually enjoy reading what other authors have to say! My reading is done at night, an hour or so.

Weekend afternoons are spent with my husband and our friends; it’s important not to neglect those who loved us before we fell so far in love with writing! On Sunday, like most families, we reflect on spiritual things and try to shut the world out if only for a few hours.

That’s sort of a rough outline of my schedule … what’s yours like?