As I mentioned in my last post, I've made the leap to the world of Wattpad.
After kicking around several options available in my mind, I've finally made a decision about the subject matter I'll be using to get my Wattpad experience off the ground: a series of short stories based on obscure Native American tribes.
Preliminary research has shown several tribes to choose from, which has made it difficult to choose just one tribe to write about. So I've decided to write a 26-story series (or as close as I can get) - alphabetically, I'll take on one tribe which is on the verge of extinction and attempt to bring it back to life in our minds. I'll do this by researching as much information as I can my hands on and begin to build the story from there.
As I said, my task is to revive a fading tribe. This is where you, my readers, come into play. If you have factual information about the tribe(s) my stories revolve around, I would appreciate it if you could share that information with me. Please include the source of that information, as I plan to give credit to those sources so others can in turn gain education about the people I'll be writing about.
Some may wonder why I'd take on a task such as this.
Why would I care about reviving a group of people who are about to fade away?
First of all, as a Native American myself, I feel it's our responsibility to keep our various heritages alive, if only in memory. Secondly, the writer in me won't allow people to be forgotten. These are real people. They walked this earth for a reason, they had family and friends and ambitions, dreams and misfortunes just the same as you and me. They deserve to be remembered.
Thus far I have only selected 5 tribes. From A to E, here they are: Astina, Bannock, Cochimi, Dunneza/Dunne-za/Dane-zaa, and the Eyak tribes.
From accessgenealogy dot com, I found the following statement: "The Atsina were a part of the Arapaho, of which tribe they are sometimes reckoned a division, and both belong to the Algonquian linguistic family." Where did the Atsina live? "On [the] Milk River and adjacent parts of the Missouri, in what is now Montana, ranging northward to the Saskatchewan."
This will be an exciting project, but an educational one as well, and I would like to invite you, my readers, along for the ride as we learn more about these people.
Please feel free to become a part of this journey with me! Submit your facts and the information sources to me via replies on my blog, Good Reads, Wattpad, or just email me. (My email address may be located on my website,
This is an exciting project and I'm excited to dig into it!
Like I requested in my last post, please be patient with me as I get started on Wattpad; I take my writing seriously and don't want to rush the process. Rest assured, I will be writing and my readers will be rewarded shortly for the patience granted my way :)
Next Wednesday I'll fill you in with how the project is coming along, so until then ... let's all get to studying about the Astina tribe of North America.