I admit it. I have OCD.

A few mornings, upon closing my dresser drawer with a corner of a shirt caught, I've just walked away. Tried to ignore it like a normal person. I get halfway to the next room and have to turn around, remove the shirt, re-fold it and shut the drawer all over again. Pictures hanging askew? Not in my house!

You could say that organization is my middle name-but hey. I know where any book is at any given moment due to my mad skills!

Deciding that because all this organization helps me in countless ways around my home, the obvious next step is setting in motion some of this organization in my professional life, as well. Take a peek at the list of problem areas I seem to encounter with my writing.

(Make a mental checklist: are you are struggling with any of these situations yourself?)

1. My blog has been a concern because I truthfully have not used this tool to its full potential. Some authors, writers, coupons bloggers, etc will post 2 or 3 times a week. (I've been doing good to get one post in each week.) In order to make my blog a more efficient tool, I plan to use my weekends to prewrite several blog posts and catalog them for later use.

2. Again with my blog: I don't fully understand how to navigate that disqus box and turn on the comments feature; to readers, it looks like nobody ever looks at my blog and for those who are commenting, I appear rude for never replying.

3. Projects. How many open writing projects are too many? Right now, I have seven books in the making, and for me, that's too many. My objective is to finish writing each one or decide to scrap it by the time 2013 NaNoWriMo comes along, but let's face it. We are writers and the ideas never stop coming; it's all these ideas that define our occupation.
I need to develop a system of cataloging information as I create it, saving it back without actually beginning a new project. Because I'm pretty good at organizing things, I've begun working on this system, and soon as it's done, I plan to share it with you. (Sharing it with you means at no charge.)

4. Time. How much time are we supposed to spend on all the tasks we have at hand? Writing. Tweeting. Blogging. It can be overwhelming unless we schedule these things in. I have fallen in love with Hoot Suite. It's a free program that enables me to spend 2-3 hours at one time lining up my twitter feed for 2 and 3 weeks at one time. This leaves me with so much more time to tend to my other tasks, such as writing, covering my other social media feeds and blogging.

5. This leads me to the fifth area that I'm going to focus more attention on organizing: my Twitter feed. Using the weekdays as a template for my plan, each day is going to be used for one theme in my work week.

Mondays will be my #MustReadMonday. Tuesday, #amwriting, #wordcount and #writegoal. Wednesdays, writing #Contest information. Thursday will become my day to pay it forward and focus attention on the blogs of some great people out there who have some important and interesting information to share. Fridays have been evolving into my #WeekendRead day for a month or so, and there has been some positive feedback on this.

6. I'd like to say that I take weekends off, but that would just not be true. I spend every waking moment with my family and plenty of time with friends, but the truth is, I am always writing. My husband calls me John Boy because of it; I'm the one who jots new plot lines on napkins at Taco Bell.

Now that I've shared how I plan to become more organized in my writing life, what are some things you plan to do? Let's swap tips with one another!