For being a newbie to this competition, I feel rather charged up! My goal of 53,000 words by the end of November will only be reached by penning a total of 1,770 words every single day this month.

How am I doing so far? Well, this is only the first day, but I am happy to report a word count of 1785 words!

And it’s still early enough in the day that I will most likely pen a few more words throughout the day – I’ve been organizing and plotting this for several months now and have about three different ways that this novel could be written. So the words are right here in my brain, ready to jump into my computer!

I have to ask myself a question, though.

Why did it take the NaNoWriMo to ignite a fire under myself? Why haven’t I ever been this excited to write a story before? Sure, I love sitting down in the quiet and writing for hour upon hour, allowing the flow of my thoughts to drain themselves into the keys of my laptop. Don’t we all? But this time it just is different for some reason.

Maybe it’s that motivating factor behind myself that the entire world is doing this very same thing, knowing that there are millions of other people with these same thoughts of proving that they can do this.

In any case, here I am.

I have something to admit, though: At midnight I was still freaking out because I hadn’t yet figured out how to report my word count each day! Sure, I could have asked another writer (I’ve got a couple of super cool writing pals I could have DM’d and asked.) – but I really wanted to figure this out on my own.

I’m glad I waited patiently, because right at midnight, a little word count box appeared right next to my name in the upper right-hand corner of the NaNo site. *Grins*

Now I need to figure out why the word meter isn’t working properly on my blog page, but I’ll have that worked out fast enough.

It’s actually kinda neat working my way through this first round of the competition, and at this point, I really think I’ll make the mark.

Doesn’t seem that difficult … but this IS just day number one!