I'm one month in the door and the world of Wattpad hasn't been nearly as scary as I'd anticipated it being! Now I'm actually wondering why I didn't take the advice of my daughter and start posting my work on the site last year.

By jumping in there and posting my intention to post a new part to my stories each and every Wednesday for the duration of one full year, it's has been a great motivating force for me. Hand in hand with that is the fact that I've gotten back into my regular routine of researching and brushing up on my knowledge of Native American tribes.

I'm remembering my love for this niche and when we enjoy our work, let's face it … work seldom feels like work when we love what we're doing.

So the two positives of joining Wattpad as more than just a reader, have been rekindling my love of writing and researching, plus I've been forced back into a regular posting routine. (I had gotten lazy on my blog, to be honest.)

I may not have very many readers or followers yet, but that's OK for right now. That will come in due time. In the meantime, the plan is to continue posting my weekly work and keeping up with the other aspects of my writing work – books, stories, writing contests …

Swing by and see what I'm up to. Leave me a message. Let's open some doors of communication and get the conversation started. See ya there!