Not that I'm ungrateful for my present home office, because I'm fortunate to have plenty of room, a color remote tv and lots of office supplies.


It's a perfectly good and functioning room; it's all mine and I can go in there any time I want. I'm happy to have it, really, I am.


But have you, as a writer, ever allowed your mind to wander and imagine the most perfect home office you could ever think up?


I have recently begun doing just that … some people dream of power tools, the dream vacation or that perfect vehicle. I'm starting to think about other things!


First, I think about the room size itself. I'd like to have a 25X25 room; cherry hardwood flooring would be cool under my feet in the summertime. A large bay window with a fluffy, comfy pillowed seat would overlook the back yard where the farm animals and dogs hung out, giving me necessary breaks from all the writing I'd be accomplishing in that perfect room of mine.


Three of my walls would be a light carnation pink/almost beige and the fourth wall would have to of course be a light lavender; cottony-white curtains hanging from fancy silver curtain rods would softly blow in the breeze. 


My Tsalagi certificates would be hung with precision around my favorite painting of a Native American man with the Native Proverb "To give dignity to a man is above all things." 

I would also find a very special place to hang my favorite phrase written in the Cherokee language, Tsalagi. That phrase is "Hesdi yisquadedodihesdi degowelisgvi" and it means "Stop bothering me while I'm writing."


My desk would be wide and long, plenty of room for my laptop, dictionary/lexicon, pens and notebooks, printer … directly built into my desk would be a very efficient cooling fan for my laptop and directly over my desk would be an equally as efficient cooling fan for myself!


I would have surround-sound stereo speakers in each corner and a wall-mounted television. Plenty of office supplies tucked into neat cupboards would cover an entire wall and there would be a cork board for displaying my notes-to-self. 


A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf would house fifty copies of each of my own novels so I could sign and give them away as I saw fit. 


My doggie, Usdi, would have her own Dachshund-sized bed near my feet - she would be my office mascot. 


Of course, to be a proper writing room, I would also need one area for my coffee maker and my own bathroom!


This is my own dream home office - what would yours be like?