As I've been celebrating the release of Summer Rain, my historical fiction novel based on the Cherokees prior to and culminating with the Trail of Tears, I've also been making time to write some short stories reflecting the lives of some of the characters from Summer Rain.

An author friend of mine suggested the idea and it immediately made sense; why not allow the reader to gain a better view of the characters who took a back seat in the story? 

These short stories will be released two at a time and I'm just about to begin the second character's narrative in a week or so. Then comes the editing and all that fun stuff.

All in all, I'm shooting for a release of the first two Summer Rain narratives in September.

In addition to these narratives, I've also been hard at work on my second historical fiction novel, Rebellion in the Valley, which is the first of a trilogy.

Set in the 1860s in the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado, Rebellion in the Valley takes the reader into the lives of the Johnson family and the beloved Red Bone Ranch; meet Hailee and her father, Bruce as they meet the challenges that faced cattle ranchers. Come to adore Richard, their cook and friend. Tobias will also join in line as a favorite character, but beware of Howard J. Duffman, who yearns to be much more than just another hired hand!

These projects are my main focus at the moment, but I've also got a few side projects here and there-and another couple of book giveaways planned for the month of August.

I'm interested in knowing what projects other writers are working on this summer and into the coming fall months.

Why not leave a comment in the nifty box below and let me know what's in your immediate and long-range writing schedule? Maybe we can bounce ideas off one another!