Sometimes an author or blogger will sit for hours, pouring over the work in front of us - and sometimes we even walk away feeling confident our words are completely in order and we've done all the research we can on any given subject; yet, those words are often shuffled off to the side in a heartbeat. Why - when we've spent so much time and effort perfecting our crafty way with the written word, would we do that?

The blog post I'd prepared for this week will be shared at another time because in the scheme of things, I just don't feel the subject is all that important. And it's all the fault of Jeff Goins, author and world traveler.

Now, before anyone jumps on the "Don't call out a fellow author!" train, let me explain.

For more than a year, I've followed Jeff on Twitter. I receive his newsletters. Read his blog on a regular basis. Have attended several webinars specifically to hear his advice, and I've also read his books. In my opinion, his heart is as genuine as his gift to the written word is strong. He's a great guy.

And this week, he's done something that deserves recognition: Jeff has gone to Africa in order to meet with a family he and his wife have been sponsoring through a charity organization called Compassion.

In his newsletter this week, he speaks about having hope in the face of many obstacles and mentioned that poverty is a mindset, not an actual living situation. That's a rather important statement.

Please spend a few minutes and join Jeff's journey along his trek through Africa; he'll not only be sharing stories about some of the people he meets, but will also be posting some pretty cool photos. You will become inspired, learn to think differently about your own life as well as the lives of other people, and my bet is ... you will walk away from this journey feeling as refreshed as I'm certain I will be. (Don't forget to sign up for his updates!)

Thank you, Jeff, for inspiring and inviting us along this journey!