In my book, Summer Rain, the main character is an only child of doting parents who deeply love their daughter. Rain shares a home with her parents and paternal grandparents; this was not the traditional living situation, as daughters remained in the homes of her own parents and her new husband joined the maternal home, where they continued to live throughout the marriage. (Details concerning the unconventional living arrangement will be explained next week, when we are introduced to Rain's parents.)
    Rain is a strong-minded girl who doesn't mind showing her independence; she's always up for an adventure and wouldn't pass up a little fishing time with her best friend, Little Deer, who is her accomplice in many adventures.
    As a first-hand witness to the birth of the written language of her people as well as the printing press which enabled the Cherokees to print the first Native American owned and operated newspaper, Rain saw many developments in her life.
    One of the most profound events in Rain's life was that of meeting a white boy and falling in love with him; until this time, she had been firm in the conviction that she would never marry. She soon learns that people can be cruel when they cannot see past cultural barriers, and her life begins to complicate as she and the young man blend their lives together.
    She is also granddaughter to the tribal Peace Chief and is used to living her life in a manner befitting her family's social status. This would include such things as being kind to her fellow villagers and never spreading gossip. Rain has not been shielded from the fact that the white man's government stands poised to take her home land away from not only her and her family, but also from several neighboring tribes of the Choctaw and others; this fact builds a fire inside her heart that causes her to stand tall and face the inevitable when The Removal actually begins.
    In the native tongue of the Cherokee, the word for rain is "agasgv". It is pronounced "ah-gah-s-guh".

    Little Deer, younger sister to Feather-in-Hand, is not as brave or daring as her best friend. With a serene attitude, she plays by the rules and does not like to be in the company of those who bend them.
    When Little Deer's father dies when she is still a young girl, she and her mother are left under the headship of  Feather-in-Hand.
    As Little Deer has a more romantic nature about her than Rain does; she openly speaks of boys and marriage from a young age; as a loyal friend, she sticks by rain's side even during some of the most trying of times and often wonders why that girl is her best friend, but is always thankful for their friendship at the end of the day.
    Once Little Deer's heart is set on Flying Eagle, the boy of her choice, she is delighted when he gains permission to marry her, and an elaborate marriage feast is planned.
    In the native tongue of the Cherokee, the words for little deer are "usti awiinageehi". It is pronounced "oo-s-tee ah-wee-ee-nah-gay-ay-hee".

Next Wednesday we will meet Cougar and Song Bird - Rain's parents.

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