Because it's important to me that I support for the person who encouraged me to join the Wattpad community in the first place, I'd like to introduce her to all my readers so you can get to know her and become familiar with her writing, as well.

*The spotlight swishes back and forth, trumpets usher in our guest as she is escorted down the red carpet in a sparkly horse-drawn carriage*

Robyn: It tickles me to have you stop by the interview booth today, Kim! Thanks for taking time to answer this long list of questions and expose all your darkest secrets with the world ... oh, the mic is on? *Clears throat*

A while back, I read a debate on the terms, "author" versus "writer". Do you believe there is any difference between the two?

Kim: It's weird, because I feel a difference between the two in theory. But in reality, there's no difference. I would say a writer is unpublished maybe? It's more of a hobby, perhaps? But then I would be kicking myself in the rear, telling myself, 'Oh it's just a hobby,' when it really isn't.

So, I suppose - no difference.

R: Where do you personally feel the most comfortable ... being referred to as a writer or an author?

K: I definitely feel just writer is a better way to describe me, published or not. I feel like writer is more relaxed and takes pressure off of my shoulders to write the perfect novel. Of course, I want my stories to be good, but I don't feel so overwhelmed. Does that make sense?

R: Sure it does! The less overwhelmed you feel, the more productive you will be. Can you tell us about the project(s) you'rewriting now?

K: Right now I'm writing two books. One is called Finding Everett and it's about halfway done at this point. It's about a man named Everett and he lost his sight at a young age. It sort of made him bitter over the years and he's starting to break back out of his shell with the help of a girl named Lizzie.

My other one is called Adolescent Odds and honestly, the plot line is still a bit fuzzy. I know the beginning. I know the end. And I know the trigger. But that's it. Everything else is open for discussion, so let's see how it goes!

R: I know you've written several stories. Taking into consideration all the characters you've invented, which character did you enjoy writing about the most and why?

K: I really enjoyed writing Evan from The Bookworm. I also enjoyed writing a character named Matthew from a story that will probably never see daylight. I'm also finding that Marcus (Adolescent Odds) is turning to be really fun.

Apparently I enjoy slightly sarcastic and super playful characters. There's just so much to work with because as acharacter with a random personality, anything is possible!

R: Do you have a regular writing schedule?

K: Not even close. I write whenever I feel like it. It can be anywhere from a fifteen minute to a two hour session of brainstorming. I don't really like having a schedule because then I feel pressured and the story comes out forced instead of flowing.

R: What would you say is the most difficult part about being an author/writer?

K: Probably just trying to come up with a good story line and making something stick out about your story to make it unique to YOU. There are so many stories and novels out there that it can be a little difficult to make a stamp on the world with what you're writing.

R: You're an active member of the Wattpad community; how did you get started there, how long have you been a member and what would you say to anyone thinking about getting started with Wattpad?

K: I got introduced to Wattpad through a friend. She recommended a story on there and at first, I didn't even bother getting an account. I was purely a reader and a silent one at that. But then I decided that I had stories and ideas in my head and that I would love to give it a shot. I'm really happy that I did, though!

As for anyone who is thinking about joining the website, you will absolutely love it. If you're planning on posting there, be patient. Reads don't come overnight and it's easy to get discouraged. Trust me; been there, smelled that.

Be interactive with other members. if you read and vote and comment on THEIR work, the odds are they will return the favor. Plus, others will see your profile that way and reads will slowly build up.

Overall, it's just a wonderful community to be part of - very, very enjoyable.

R: Do you use any social media to promote your work / how do you promote your work?

K: I don't really use social media to promote. Maybe I should? I mainly just use advertise threads on Wattpad to get the word out. It worked the first time around!

R: Are you on Good Reads?

K: I am, but I'm guilty of being very inactive on the site.

R: What is one book you wish you had written yourself?

K: There's a book on Wattpad called A Pirates Kiss. THAT ... ugh, that book is just amazing and I wish I had her imagination and skills. It's one of the most amazing books and if it ever had an actual book format, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

R: What was the last book you read?

K: The complete collection of Sherlock Holmes.

R: Do you find yourself more productive writing in silence or with background noise?

K: Definitely with background noise. I like having a funny movie that I've seen a billion times (I watch the Croods a lot while writing) or a comedic special on Netflix. Humor helps me, even when writing serious scenes.

R: On an average, how long does it take you to write a book?

K: That ... is a great question that I have no idea how to answer. I think it took about eight months to churn out the last novel, The Bookworm. But an unpublished story that I wrote before that took only six. So I guess it depends on how inspired I am by the story, how into it I get and how many ideas I start writing with.

R: How are your books edited and do you use beta readers?

K: I want a beta reader SO bad! I really need to get one because it would be awesome. I have an awesome editor as my mom.

R: Aww, thanks for publicly deeming me as an awesome mamma! Yes, it's true, people: the amazing Kim is indeed my daughter. And a lovely, inspiring, beautiful, hilarious, talented one at that. (Hey, I'm a proud mom, ok?) 

So back to the interview here ... would you ever leave a bad review for a book you've read?

K: Constructive criticism mostly. I don't think I've ever left a bad review. I think if you leave negative feedback, it's just going to discourage. I've had that happened a few times. When someone says something negative, it just throws you completely off your game. I wouldn't ever want to be the reason someone gives up writing or going on hiatusConstructive feedback is great because it helps people get better. But always keep it upbeat and positive, even when it isn't the best news.

R: Do you have any tips on what NOT to do as an author/writer?

K: Don't let yourself get all high and mighty, I think. Just because a lot of people read your work or a lot of people message you, doesn't mean you're this elevated individual or that you have some sort of new status that bars you from others.

Interact with your fans. Thank them for supporting you every step of the way.

Because face it - in a very large way writers are like musicians. We both depend on fans and word of mouth to get our work noticed. It's important to take the time to tell those who help out how much you appreciate them reading and commenting and telling others because they're the reason anything is happening with your story at all.

R: Professionally speaking, where do you see your writing in 3 years?

K: I hope that I can have books actually published. That would be amazing. But even if nothing happens in that area, I will still be on Wattpad. I just enjoy writing because it's fun and enjoyable. Being published and using this as a job would be a bonus.

R: Where can your readers find out more about you and your work?

K: Just on Wattpad, mainly. I don't do many other outlets. I have social media, but they're all personal accounts.

R: Confess: do you have any odd writing habits?

K: I talk out loud a lot. I sound crazy most of the time because I'll have a two way conversation with myself and make all the facial expressions and hand movements. I like to become my character in a way. When I want to write a scene that's emotional, I want to cry when I would want my character to cry. When something funny happens, I laugh. I'm talking legit LOL here.

I drink tons of coffee and hot cocoa. I can't write without one of those.

Do these count as weird?

R: I love how you talk scenes out loud, but I have a feeling far too many of us are equally as guilty for being hopped up on caffeine when we write :)

Here's a NaNoWriMo kickback question: do you consider yourself a Plotter or a Pantser?

K: Definitely a plotter. I've tried Pantsing my stories (am I the only one who laughed? Giggled even? Yes? Okay, then ...) on more than one occasion and I ended up scrapping the story completely.

R: I kinda gave the next one away, but have you ever entered writing contests?

K: Oh, yes. Many, many contests. Haven't won any yet, but I'll keep at it!

R: Who is your favorite author?

K: Pass. Just kidding. But really, this is the hardest question out there. There's just so many amazing authors. I suppose Jody Hedlund is a favorite, but she is merely one of many. Higher on the list though, for sure! Lemony Snicket is an author I really love. Sue Harrison (author of Mother Earth, Father Sky). She's a very talented writer as well.

R:  (I agree - Jody rocks!) What do you consider more important - the plot or the characters?

K: I think the plot. Characters will come as you develop dialogue and a setting.

R: When choosing names for your characters, do you ever research their meaning?

K: Never. Not even once. I'm mainly just like, "Oh hey that sounds good. Let's do that!". I think names that flow well and just roll off the tongue.

I'm not a very deep person, am I?

R: Would you ever consider being a ghost writer?

K: I would give you an answer if I knew what a ghost writer entailed.

R: Would you ever consider a collaboration with all profits of the work donated to a charity?

K: I think it would be fun. I've done collab work before and it was definitely interesting. It would be fun to do again, especially if the profits were donated to charity. 

And there we have it - the world according to Kim Diehl. Thank you, everyone, for coming over to spend some time with us today and get to know the writer behind the cover. She's pretty cool, huh?