It's about that time of the year when people begin thinking about new beginnings, ways to revise what they've been doing with their lives-or totally scrap projects and start all over again.

My family has some friends who have a pop/rock band, and they haven't only been thinking about these things, they've taken action recently by going to great lengths to completely restyle themselves: they quit day jobs, moved out of state with no outside funding and no management supporting them. Just decided this was what they had to do. And did it.

What has a musical group got to do with writing?

They have this insane drive to perfect their craft, to become successful and to find that place in their careers where they feel they've finally "made it".

We are proud of them, yes. But their absolute determination and not settling for anything less than what they are capable of, has made a huge impression on me this past week. 

Seeing what happened when they took that leap of faith and just did it-stopped talking about wanting something different and actually did something to force that change-has had a huge effect on my writing.

What am I wiling to do or sacrifice to make my writing the best it can be? Enter more writing contests? Explore more opportunities in freelance writing with magazine submissions? Begin a writing project outside my comfort zone?

While I'm not advocating a move to Brazil, stop for a moment and think: what are YOU willing-no, what are you GOING to do in 2013 to prove to yourself how serious you are about this whole writing thing?