A few months ago, I was invited to participate in a project that benefits senior citizens by granting their special wishes.

The Twilight Wish Foundation is a beautiful organization that bridges the gap between wishes and others who can make them become reality.

It's such a privilege for me and the 13 others who contributed to the book, Rich Fabric - An Anthology, to know that we're a part of this process by donating all the profits from our book sales to the foundation.

If you don't know about the Twilight Wish Foundation, I urge you to check it out. Also take a peek at the book, Rich Fabric. It's an anthology focusing on "the culture, tradition and symbolism of quilting with both historic accounts and modern stories" and is now available for purchase.

When Melinda McGuire invited me to become a part of this project, my first thought was how important it was to help out with such a great cause; little did I know, this project would also benefit myself.

I learned how to take direction and how to edit my contribution, re-word a few paragraphs, and learned that deadlines are important.

Because of this project, I have discovered pleasure in team work and have seen the results of it.

Browsing through the Twilight Wish Foundation website, I saw photos of some of the people who have been able to see their wishes fulfilled, and this truly brought joy to my heart; I will never know who was able to ride in a hot air balloon or take a special trip because of my contribution, and it's not important; just knowing that in some way, someone who has spent years making others happy, will be able to have some happiness themselves - that is fulfilling!

And in addition to everything else, all 14 authors who contributed to the creation of this book now have one more piece of work to mention.

I thank Melinda for inviting me to be involved with the making of Rich Fabric; the experience has been priceless!