For anyone who still has not tried using HootSuite, you've got to do yourselves a favor and just give it a shot.
  Before I found this valuable tool, I was glued to my Twitter timeline, desperately trying to keep up. Even though my current WIP would be minimized and would get attention here and there, most of my time was on Twitter. (Good  thing I don't have a FB page, or writing would have gone out the window.)
   Like so many other authors, I used to have the feeling that if I was awake, I had to be doing something writing-related. Forget that half-crocheted afghan, because it has nothing to do with writing. Play with the dog? Not unless there's a story plot to be analyzed in there somewhere!
    How does HootSuite free up my time as an author?
   First, let me assure you that the program is free, and not just for a small window of time for trying it out, either. Yes, there is an upgrade option, but unless you're running a corporation and have multiple users on the account, all you need is the free version.
   Once you have your HootSuite window open, (by the way, this is also accessible on your mobile phone), you'll see the multiple columns spread across the board. Make certain your time zone is correctly chosen or when you try to "send now", it will say you have to set the tweet for at least 5 mintutes away and until that time zone is correct, it will drive you insane.
   Here is where you are going to save oodles of time: scheduling your tweets!
   You are able to schedule your tweets months in advance. If you would like to schedule every Friday to tweet your #WeekendRead, as I like to do, you can schedule as many of those tweets on as many Fridays as you would like. You choose what to say, when to send it, and you can schedule as many tweets as you want, every 5 minutes from now into  months in advance. They go out like clockwork!
   Say you've found a site listing writing contests for every month of the year and want to share that information. Schedule a tweet (or series of tweets) to go out during those months! You won't have to save or bookmark the information, don't have to fret about forgetting where you found important information you'd like to share. Find information, schedule the tweet and go about your every day life!
   Best of all?
   I spend about three hours a week preparing my scheduled tweets for a week (or two) and through the day, respond to people who have connected with me.
   HootSuite enables me to be more in control of my time. Now I'm actually writing again, able to read again, and I've even got time to finish that afghan.
   Do you know any other time saving applications, downloads or programs that you'd like to share? I sure would like to hear about them and will be more than happy to tweet or re-tweet them for you!