Reviews can open new avenues for an author. Especially the favorable ones!
    My historical fiction novel, Summer Rain: Getsikahvda Anitsalagi, was released in March of this year. It centers around the Cherokee and the lives of a village as the Trail of Tears comes to realization, mixing facts, fiction, humor and strong emotions to bring this part of American history to life.
    In my own case, I recently received a wonderful review for Summer Rain; the comment was made that had person still been teaching, my book would be on the class reading list. I nearly fell over-and fell over again when a few home school parents contacted me asking if I had a study manual to accompany my book.
    Having been a home school parent K-12 myself, I understand the needs of both student and parent, and am happy to announce that I have indeed created a 10-page study guide to accompany Summer Rain. This is a lesson plan for a full semester, 10 weeks worth of history for your 7-12 graders. As an extra bonus, if you utilize extra credit points, why not also visit my Good Reads page and let your students take my quiz on the book?
    This guide is offered free of charge and I encourage parents to pass it around, share it, and let me know if it worked out for you and your children; if there are ways I can help make this work better, I'm all ears!
    Happy Schooling - here are the links to purchase my book, take the quiz on Good Reads, and of course, grab your copy of the free study guide.