With school starting back, we all know how every small freebie really adds up; I just ran across another good offer that I want to share with everyone. This one is from usbmemorydirect.com and the freebie is for a 2 gb flash drive!

    Click here to look into their offer - and then stop for a moment and think about the bigger picture.

    As an author, I'm always on the lookout for some new promotional item to order for giveaways ... and who can pass up a free jump drive? After touring this website, I found some rather cool flash drives here that are oval in shape and have a wood grain on them. Different than any others I've ever seen. I'm actually considering a purchase of these as giveaways for promo of my historical fiction book, Summer Rain!

    I have a feeling this company will become a good friend of mine - why not take a few minutes once you request your own free jump drive and give a look-see at the awesome products USB Memory Direct has to offer? I think you'll like them as much as I already do!