Today's society is, as Shrek phrased it, like an onion: we find so many layers in the whole concept of digital content that sometimes the lines become a bit blurred.

On one hand, authors and musicians alike, have valid reasons for giving our work away for free. We enjoy what we do, to begin with, and love sharing it with others! Sometimes a freebie is a great way to drum up some attention to a new release or celebrate a milestone marker in our career. I've even given away copies of an e-book to folks who have emailed to let me know they would love to read a certain one of my books but just can't afford it right now. I have no problem sliding someone a freebie code to use on Smashwords! Heck, I LOVE being in charge of my own work - it's the primary reason I chose to become an indie author in the first place!

If we let ourselves pause for a moment or two and allow the fact that in 2012, 2 million books were published globally - 350,000 being US releases, that can be an overwhelming statistic.

We have a lot of competition out there! But the funny thing is ... most authors I've spoken with don't view this as a competition. We write because we love it, can't see ourselves not writing, and we are tickled when anyone recognizes our hard work. The majority of us aren't in this to become millionaires, and let's face it - most of us aren't! 

So back to my original question: what are your own feelings on giving away digital media - and do you think the pubic in general expects too many freebies? I'm posing these questions to not only the writing community, but musicians, artists, and anyone else who deals with digital content - even app creators. 

Let's get some conversation rolling about this, because I'm curious to hear how everyone else is feeling about the subject!