As promised a couple of weeks ago, my blog is up and running again; a hearty round of appreciation to all my readers for hanging in there with me and having faith this gal would return; be assured my absence doesn't equal a lack of the pen scribbling out more words for you to read!

One of the things which took me away from blogging regularly, ironically enough, was paper.

Not ordinary paper, though. Not the copier paper variety, anyway. Cause I never do things in the ordinary way, right?

Yours truly fell head over heels for the art of paper beading! Thought about giving it a whirl or two, and the rest was history when I discovered how many varieties of beads could be formed by using different textures, sizes, material ... from scrapbook paper to newspaper, cracker and pizza boxes to just about everything in between. Junk mail became a prize I looked forward to each day, and still do. Got the beading bug really bad!

Traditional beading with normal supplies has been a passion of mine for years, but the paper just threw me off the rails. 

And although sharing more than bits and snippets of my personal life isn't something I make a habit of on my blog, the last post was a notification that I was, indeed, not dead. I promised to explain what that was all about.

So here goes. You may want to get up and grab a cup of coffee for this one before continuing.

My 25-year marriage literally disappeared during the time of my absence. With no warning, my husband, whom I loved dearly, was leading a double life which I was unaware of. He had been online with other women for what was apparently a couple of years that I can now piece together; one morning he simply left the house and never came back. He left a typewritten note with his house keys and cell phone so I couldn't reach him. He disappeared and my life has not been the same since.

We are still legally married and yet his social media page showed a conversation with people we both know stating he had moved to the Philippines and had remarried someone half his age. (Who knows the definition bigamy? Hmmm)

Yes, I have involved legal entities in both the US and overseas and this wacky situation will be taken care of, but in the meantime, he is justifying his actions by telling people I died 2 years ago of cancer. Guess he should have checked my website ... I just won 2017 Nanowrimo and posted my badge. 

Anyway, that's the nutshell version of my life right now and a contributing factor to my blogging and Wattpad absence.

But I'm back and will try my best to stay on schedule again. 

Thanks for being patient, y'all. I'm still healing, but don't count me out of the game!