For all the writers who post to their blogs on a regular schedule, hats off to each and every one of you!


For myself, I began my blog with the best of intentions. I planned to blog twice a week no matter what.


That didn't happen, though … and guess what? I have no intention of beating myself up because it didn’t. While I understand the importance of a writer making that contact with people, networking yourself, and getting attention drawn to your work – I also realize that while I was unable to keep my blog regular, I was also very busy writing every single day.


I’ve been concentrating on learning how to use my computer and learning what it can do for me.


For anyone who knows me well, you know that I'm just not computer-savvy. At all. Just ask my dear friend E. She's used to getting texts from me that scream the tears falling from my face, begging her to pull me through yet another problem I've backed my computer into.


She is the main reason I'm so excited these days, actually. It was her smarts that taught me how to correctly format my manuscript once and for all.


I'd submitted my manuscript, Summer Rain: Getsihahvda Anitsalagi (The Removal of the People) so many times (for reference, see my blog: (The Truth Behind My Debut Novel) and the formatting was always wrong.


To say I was beginning to get frustrated with myself is a big understatement. I almost had myself talked into forgetting the whole thing. Almost. *insert winky face here*


But my awesome friend came over to my house and fixed the whole thing! I resubmitted it and yep, it was sent back.




After forcing coffee down my throat, I read the email from my publisher again. It didn't seem so bad … I could try one last time.


And after many tears and texts to bail my computer out of the trash can, I am very excited to report that my book has been correctly formatted at long last and is actually undergoing the editing process with my editor and not just with myself!  :-)


Want to know what I did to celebrate the evening I found out that I'd finally submitted the winning manuscript? I slept for eleven hours straight and didn't move once!


It was like a weight … yeah, I'm gonna say it … had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt like I could actually breathe! And sleep.


Now that I’ve gotten this far, though, it doesn't seem so scary looking back.  Somehow it makes looking ahead to what comes next not very scary, either; I'm even thinking about going ahead and formatting the next manuscripts I've written so they're just ready to be submitted when this novel is finalized. It makes sense to have them ready, now that I kind of know what I'm doing and now that I can correctly format my manuscript. And it seems to me like keeping ahead of my own time schedule works to my own benefit, because then I'm not stressed about finishing a manuscript, not stressed about when I can find time to blog - which I'm finding to be a source of entertainment and education for myself!

When I first made contact with my publisher, it was in November (six months ago) and I was under the impression that the process would be a snap. Yeah, no. It’s taken me six months just to get a correctly formatted manuscript to the people! (I am so thankful that they’ve worked with me and have been so patient with me!)


Still being a newbie at this process, I have no idea what to do or what to expect next, to be honest.


So now that I’ve got this time on my hands, I’m really going to make an effort to blog twice a week as I’d planned to do in the beginning; I’m planning to post on Sunday and Wednesday … I’ve got so much to share with you about my novel, about the Cherokee culture, about the language, about the many fascinating people who make up the Native American unit. This includes not only those of my own tribal circle, but all Native Americans. We’re a pretty cool bunch of people!