Sometimes when people that I’ve known for a long time finally discover  my “secret identity” of being a writer, they’re taken back a little bit.

But I’ve popped in on you unannounced and you’re not “doing anything”. I can just see it on their faces.

Yeah. I had to get up to answer the door.

Or I get the YOU write?” look.

As if I’m just the lady who lives here, cleans, cooks … and answers the door.

So just for the record: yes. I am a writer. It’s what I do from 9AM til 5PM Monday through Friday and any chance I get on weekends. I also write after the evening news until wee into the morning … do you think it’s for no apparent reason that my twitter/blog name is TheOneAMPen?

One thing that people don’t seem to realize is that we writers do have our schedules, deadlines, and even responsibilities related to our work. Sure, we may have the luxury of sometimes being able to work in a pair of sweats with a dog at our ankles, but it is still our work. We think, meditate, concentrate, write, revise, erase, drink way too much coffee, and do it all over again multiple times each day.

It’s not only what we do, it’s the way we live.

And we can’t help it. Most of us actually love to live this way.

So if you call, text, or IM a writer and we don’t respond right away … chances are, we don’t hate you.

We may just be away in Italy for the morning or back in the 1800s.

We’ll let you know when we’ve returned.